20 Reasons Japanese Women Stay Slim and Don’t Look Old

15. Productivity at work

Now, this may seem like a surprise. All the doubts have a base in the fact that work does cause stress in certain instances. Stress, in turn, has been the cause of many maladies, disorders and an early death. If so, then why are Japanese women still the fittest and the oldest in the entire world? The answer is a bit more complex, but it lies in the difference between the notion of work there. We don’t look at work the same way.

Productivity makes a human being have a purpose. He does something beneficial and gets rewarded for it. In these cases, people both provide for their families and make their society a better place. In the western part of the world, we tend to despise work and view it as slavery for low wages. It only causes stress and is, in many cases, a necessary evil for all those who want to survive. In Japan, things are way different.

If an employee is productive in Japan, he is rewarded and praised for his contributions. The salaries are really high, so people feel like they’re investing effort and it pays off. But, that’s not even the whole story. Ever since an early age, the Japanese are taught that working hard is something to be proud of. Their parents and teachers often point out that there is beauty in the struggle.

Because of this, their entire economy and industry function flawlessly. Not only are people happier, but they better their environment. That happiness and a sense of belongings are the reasons for longevity. Also, running around all day is a great day to melt some extra pounds. That, along with standing the entire day because of commuting, are excellent ways to live a long, fit life.