20 Reasons Japanese Women Stay Slim and Don’t Look Old

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Japanese people eat out far less than their Western counterparts. Although they have access to the same takeout restaurants such as MacDonald’s, they don’t make a habit of frequenting them too often. This reduces the amount of unhealthy, unsaturated fats they eat. It’s convenient to grab some takeout after a long day, but it doesn’t do your body any favors. But these meals are loaded with fats and carbohydrates. They don’t contain that much protein. And they contain hardly any vitamins and minerals.

The sense of fullness you feel after eating an unhealthy takeout meal is temporary. But the effects on your body are permanent. Intake of foods such as these on a regular basis leads to conditions such as cholesterol. Your heart’s health is in danger. Filling your body with these meals affects your body’s ability to process and break down sugar. This, in turn, will lead to Type 2 diabetes. Takeout meals that are eaten on a weekly basis expose you to the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Too much takeout can see your life cut short.

Bear in mind that just because you’re avoiding takeout restaurants and eating at home doesn’t mean you’re eating healthily. If you’re buying processed foods, you are exposing your body to colors, flavors, and preservatives. Excess sugar, fat, or salt in these meals can be nasty for you.

This is where Japanese women have the advantage. Their diets are rich in whole foods which are not processed. They eat a lot of vegetables which are rich in vitamins and minerals. They also consume more rice as carbohydrates than wheat. Food is prepared from scratch which is the healthiest way to go about making meals. Eating out is reserved for special occasions and does not happen often.