18 Myths about Safe Intercourse, Debunked

17. You can’t get pregnant the first time you have intercourse

A woman can get pregnant anytime she has an intercourse with a man. This is true even if she has never had an intercourse before. The first time feels different for a woman, and sometimes there is a little bleeding involved. The risk of becoming pregnant doesn’t change compared with someone who has had an intercourse before. Keep in mind that people having an physical contact for the first time or regularly are just as susceptible to STI’s.

It is highly recommended that all sexually active people should use contraceptives. It is advisable to abstain until protection is available, especially if you are contemplating having an intercourse for the first time but don’t have protection.

Many people don’t plan the exact date and time to lose their virginity. This is when consequences are disregarded. Studies show that 20% of women get pregnant within the first month of having sex. This is usually because they were unprepared when it happened.

It is responsible to have protection with you at all times. Notice if you and your partner are starting to get close and might become more intimate. Never let anyone pressure you into having an intercourse if protection isn’t available.