30 Foods That Will Energize You Better Than Coffee

2. Eggs

Eggs for breakfast give you a good start to the day, and there are so many ways in which they can be prepared. Of course, they are a great source of protein, but they are also an excellent source of the B vitamins which are essential for energy production. A whole egg contains all the nutrients necessary to create a baby chicken, and so they are incredibly nutritious. When you take into account all the vitamins and minerals they contain as well as about 6 grams of protein and 5 grams of healthy fats, they make a very healthy addition to the diet.

The role of eggs in the diet is controversial because they are high in cholesterol. One egg contains over half the recommended daily intake. 70 percent of people do not experience raised cholesterol in the blood from eating eggs. Your liver produces large amounts of cholesterol every day, and when you take in more dietary cholesterol, it produces less to even things out. There are different types of LDL cholesterol and eating eggs is believed to change the pattern of LDL cholesterol from small and dense to large, which is linked to a reduced risk of heart disease.