30 Benefits of Partaking in Frequent Physical Pleasure

28. Not tonight, I have a headache

There are dozens among us who have used this well-worn excuse when we’re not up for a session between the sheets. A headache is a great excuse to get out of having love making if you’re not in the mood.

Well, you can lay that excuse to bed (literally) because it just isn’t true. Studies demonstrate that lovemaking can relieve the pain caused by migraines and cluster headaches.

Get ready for some astounding statistics. 70% of migraine sufferers reported moderate to complete relief after engaging in sexual activities. 91% of cluster headache sufferers reported the same result. 60% of respondents said there was an improvement in pain levels for migraine attacks. 37% of cluster headache respondents said the same.

The improvements they report when taking painkillers aren’t nearly the same. It’s time to accept that a headache isn’t a reason not to have intercourse. It is a reason to let loose and get into the groove. Not only will you feel amazing afterward, but your headache will be history too.