30 Reasons You Should Have Frequent Intercourse

By Simi

Sex is no longer about mere procreation. In generations past, sex was a “necessary evil” to have children. Women were raised with the idea that sex was a duty they had to perform to keep their husbands happy. Many young ladies got married with no understanding of what awaited them. The sexual liberation of women meant that, for the first time, they began to consider sex as a pleasurable experience. Satisfaction from sex was not reserved for men alone. Sex was meant to be mutually pleasurable. Women were able to express their sexual needs and desires. The revelation of the G-spot and the female orgasm took the world by storm. Men began to learn about the increased satisfaction they could gain from pleasuring their partner.

A new generation of men and women emerged. They had an appreciation of the physical and spiritual connection a sexual encounter could cause. The term lovemaking is now used as a way to describe a meaningful sexual engagement. Men and women were equal partners in a sexual contact. Considerate lovers were concerned about the pleasure of their partner. Today, sex is not a taboo subject to be whispered about in dark corners. It’s regarded as a regular part of a committed relationship. Not only is sex a pleasurable experience, but regular sex is good for you! One or two lovemaking sessions a week have been proven to be beneficial to your overall health and well-being.

30. It’s great exercise

Forget going to the gym or walking the long road to nowhere on your treadmill. Take advantage of your partner’s readiness and willingness to use sex as a great workout opportunity.

Sex burns a significant number of calories. In men, it burns 100 calories. In women, it burns 69 (no kidding). It’s the equivalent of a 10-minute sustained jog. This is based on a 30-minute vigorous lovemaking session.

Surely not all sexual encounters are the same. Those of you who are prepared to try some of the more challenging positions from the Kama Sutra will burn quite a few more calories. You’ll be toning some hard-to-reach muscles as well! Many couples report that a lovemaking session lasts longer than 30 minutes (as well it should).

The longer you’re at it (so to speak), the more calories you’re burning. That’s not to say that sex is a better calorie burner than jogging. However, you can sometimes substitute a jog with a bedroom gymnastics session. It beats running around the block any time!