10 hateful facts about processed meat

By Melisa Silver
10 hateful facts about processed meat

Do you ever think about why some diseases prevail in certain geographic areas? Apart from the genetic basis of diseases, life style plays a major role in contributing to the development of several ailments. As we all know that the major portion of lifestyle is based on what goes inside our body, and that is mostly influenced by our diet. This is no breaking news that the West is getting unhealthier by the minute. Fast food trends have destroyed this generation and made us ill with the diseases which have no record from the last generation.

A lot of modern world diseases are rooted to the infamous processed food, which we are eating like it’s free, which in fact is not. Instead quite ironically, it’s even more expensive than the healthier foods.

The other horrible reality which we are ignoring is that it s the major cause of many cancers these days, which anyone wouldn’t like to die of. This is not even anywhere near the tip of the iceberg. The ‘unhealthy benefits’ of processed food can have volumes written on them, but who has got time to read that much, we are ‘fast food generation’ anyway. So, here we are going to summarize some of the studies regarding this hot topic.

Anything is processed which has been preserved through smoking, canning, freezing, and by adding preservatives such as salt etc.

The processed meats which we eat daily include hot dogs, bacon, salami, ham, sausages, pastrami, bologna, etc.