40 Signs of Mold and How it Can Affect Health in the Home

By Trista

Having mold in your home is a serious issue. Not only can it damage your foundation, but it can also make you sick. Instead of waiting to see whether you should take action, here are some clear signs you can look for to know whether you have a mold problem or not. If you notice these signs of mold, reach out to your landlord, or seek professional cleaning help. 


Credit: Flickr

1. A Weird, Funky Smell

One of the first signs most people notice is a musty smell in the room. It may be undetectable at first, considering that your nose has likely acclimated to the scent.

Open some windows to let some fresh air in, and then close them again. If you do notice a weird smell coming from your more damp rooms, then it’s more likely than not that you have mold.