Embarrassing OB/GYN Stories That Will Make Mom Blush

2. Don’t read this one if you have a weak stomach! “I was 24 years old at the time and running late to my yearly exam… Trista - June 24, 2021

2. Don’t read this one if you have a weak stomach!

“I was 24 years old at the time and running late to my yearly exam appointment. Riding up 15 floors in the elevator, I felt a huge dump brewing, but my willpower and the fact that I’m already late and had no time to crap held the monster at bay. I’m laid up on the table and finishing the exam when I feel some pressure down under and clench my cheeks as hard as I can against the clinician’s fingers. (I didn’t know they were in there, so I thought I was keeping the crap in). She quickly pulled her fingers out, and yeah. There was poop all over the bright pink gloves. 

I gave her the wtf look, and she nicely stated that after 30, it is routine to check my butthole. (She didn’t say butthole, but you get it). Shocked, I asserted, but I’m only 24! She laughed and apologized, saying I seemed so mature she just assumed my age to be older. I told her the next time I come here. I’ll make sure my age is known for sure! Lesson learned. rather be a little later to the appointment that has an ass full of crap at the gyno…..” Well, that story definitely took a turn at the end. –lovergirl333


1. Name-calling is so unnecessary for all professionals. 

“I had been going in to complain about some pretty intense vaginal contact pain, like so bad that if someone whispered at my vag, I would twinge. On a previous visit, she swabbed the outside, and my body clenched. I was tested for everything, everything came back negative, but then I started getting a weird discharge, so I figured it was time to go in again. I’m in the stirrups explaining to the doctor the intense contact pain now has discharge yadda yadda yadda, and without ANY warning what so ever she jams the speculum inside me while telling me it’s all in my head. 

Surprise penetration is pretty much never good, not to mention the addition of lightning bolts of pain running through my love tunnel while being told those lightning bolts aren’t real. I yelped and jumped up as a reflexive reaction, and she sternly told me to “stop being such a drama queen.” Now I didn’t even blink an eye when I got my IUD in, so my pain tolerance is relatively high, and I was certainly not being a f-ing “drama queen.” Edit: and when I say jammed, I mean she jammed it. There was enough force behind that thing that follow-through was needed to complete the motion.” –username