Home Remedies and Other Proven Ways to Deal with Constipation

Dealing with constipation is never a pleasant experience. Wikimedia Commons.

There are many symptoms of constipation, including hard stool — or the inability to pass any.

Some simple signs indicate that you are suffering from chronic constipation. Passing fewer than three stools in a week or having some hard or lumpy stools are some of those signs. Even straining to have a proper bowel movement and feeling like there’s a blockage in the rectum for preventing correct bowel movements are some of the symptoms that you are suffering from constipation. 

Sometimes, you might feel that even after trying hard, you can’t empty the stool from the rectum. Or, you might need physical help to unload the rectum, like using hands to press the abdomen or using a finger to remove stool from the rectum. These are some signs that mean you are suffering from constipation. Sometimes, this constipation can be targeted as chronic if you experience such symptoms for a longer time, like the last three months or more. If you experience any persistent and unexplained changes in bowel habits, consulting a doctor is a must.