How Plastic Surgery Changed These People’s Lives

12. Plastic Surgery Was The Best Decision Of Her Life Missgryffindor discusses, “I had a breast reduction, and I went from a size I to a… Trista - September 8, 2021

12. Plastic Surgery Was The Best Decision Of Her Life

Missgryffindor discusses, “I had a breast reduction, and I went from a size I to a size D. I can’t even begin to describe the amount of weight lifted from my shoulders. So I literally said to my mom that I felt like my shoulders were at my ears because of how light they felt. I absolutely love it! I didn’t have a ton of pain after mine, just discomfort. The first day was the worst, but I slept for the most part. After that, I used a lot of ice. Absolutely no regrets.”

“Now, I can buy shirts that fit my whole torso, not just on “can my boobs fit?” Even with t-shirts, it was a pain as I’d end up with such a long shirt. It was pretty much a dress. Another thing is now I can buy bras at normal stores! My bras were so expensive, and I had to go to a specialty shop, but now I can just go to Kohl’s or any department store.” This poor woman had to deal with having such large breasts that I’m sure caused a lot of pain in her back. Now she’s able to feel more comfortable and buy the clothes she likes, instead of what fits.


11. Becoming Who She Always Was

A deleted Reddit user shares her experience of becoming a woman. She goes on to say, “I don’t know if transgender women are welcome in this thread, but I had a trachea shave (reduction of the adam’s apple), and it has really helped my confidence a lot. My profile looks a lot different now, and I’m not constantly putting stuff in front of my neck to hide it while talking to people. It really sucks being that conscious about a body part because people make (in this case, accurate) assumptions based on that body part, or it confuses people and makes them unsure if you’re male or female.”

“I’m still not the most feminine-looking woman in the world, but at least I don’t have what looks like a knuckle poking out of my throat.” I just want to say to this woman, of course, you’re welcome! Going through such a transformative moment in your life is sure to be a stressful experience. I’m happy she was able to get surgery if it helps her feel more comfortable in her own skin. Everyone, no matter their race, gender, or sexual preferences, deserves to live a long and happy life. It’s good she feels more confident now after what I’m sure was a painful surgery.


10. Kids Can Be Cruel

Mxivme talks about a high school surgery experience. They say, “I’m not sure if this counts, but I had little cartilage in my ear and had to get it reconstructed in high school. I was bullied for it as a kid, and one kid tried to bully me with edited photos of my ear on dumbo in high school, but then my boyfriend threatened to kick his butt, but that’s another story for another time haha. I’m glad I got my dad to help me get it done and fixed before I went into college! I never really paid any attention to it unless people were saying rude comments.”

“I’m glad nobody has anything to say anymore, and there are no other deformities I have now.” This poor girl was bullied because of a deformity. Kids can be very cruel, especially in middle and high school. She didn’t deserve the ridicule for something she couldn’t help. I’m sure she’s glad she was able to get the surgery and stop the bullying. Hopefully, she didn’t have to deal with any more bullies after the surgery. Please don’t bully people; no one deserves that. And the people who do it should take a better look at their own lives before dishing it out to someone else.


9. She Learned From Her Mistakes

Hkyogi shares,” I had breast augmentation surgery last year in December, followed by an explant (breast implant removal) in May. My breast implant experience was absolutely horrible. I had small breasts (not even a full A cup) and always thought I would benefit from a bit more curve to my figure. I was always afraid of the aesthetic outcome but felt the push to do so when I started dating a new partner who was excited and supportive of the idea. After surgery, I was about a 30D, and they looked godawful. I was devastated by my body but hoped in time they would soften and become natural-looking.”

“They never did settle in, and in fact, they came to cause me immense amounts of pain. Working out became a source of pain instead of pride. I struggled to cook because carrying heavy shopping hurt my chest, and chopping was painful too. They were honestly a nightmare. I cried almost every day I had them and finally found the courage to get them explanted. My breasts are now back to their former glory (albeit with some new scars), and I have a newfound appreciation for my small natural boobs. Sure, I’m pretty flat, but I’m finally pain-free and would never consider implants ever again!”


8. A Major Mistake At A Young Age

A deleted Reddit user is upset by her decisions. She says, “I got breast implants in my early twenties, and it was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made and probably ever will. I immediately felt ashamed and didn’t want anyone to notice. So, I stopped meeting up with friends. And I wore baggy clothing. I’d done it with the mistaken belief it would increase my self-confidence. Clearly, it did quite the opposite. Most importantly, despite eventually getting them removed, I will never be able to feel either of my ENTIRE breasts again. The surgery caused permanent nerve damage, and for nearly ten years and the rest of my life, I have had zero sensation. It was the worst thing I have ever done.”

This Reddit user believed getting implants would boost her self-confidence when, in fact, it did quite the opposite. She felt ashamed by her choice and immediately wanted them removed. Please make sure the work you want is actually important. Never do a life-altering surgery unless it’s medically necessary. She also says she can’t feel her breasts anymore, and the nerve damage caused by the surgery will never go away. It’s possible that she even has nerve pain from her decision. So, think long and hard before making such a huge decision like this. Keep reading for more stories about how plastic surgery changed people’s lives!


7. Possible Regrets With This Plastic Surgery

ItsallvowelsbutY discusses her experience with plastic surgery. She says, “I had a breast reduction at 19. Suddenly people stopped openly talking about and ogling my body. I didn’t feel like I looked too sexy when I was just trying to wear normal, flattering clothes anymore. I think I stopped getting attention from people who were only interested in my chest. But my breasts were kinda flat and saggy post-op. Now they would only be appreciated by a select few. After I gave birth, they went back up to a G cup. For those of you who don’t know, that’s rather big.

“I don’t know how out of control they would have been if I hadn’t had the reduction. Now they are back to a D. I barely ever think about them.” ving a breast reduction surgery is a safe procedure meant for those dealing with pain and body image. This Reddit user had large breasts and decided to get breast reduction surgery at a young age. I’m sure she was in a lot of pain from her breasts and decided it just wasn’t worth it. It seems like she liked the attention she was getting from people before her surgery, but people shouldn’t be looking at her breasts – they should check out her personality instead. It sounds like the smaller size worked out well for her at the end, which is a good thing because a lifetime of back pain from large breasts just isn’t worth it.

6. A Major Change For Teeth

Ekboney00 talks about a significant change in their mouth. They go on to say, “I’ve been wanting to get those invisiliners braces for my teeth. My top teeth are mostly straight, but I have huge gaps in them. When I was a kid, I was told that if I got braces, I would only need one tooth pulled, which is fine. Go ahead and take the one that has a million cavities. I feel like I have such a pretty smile, but I’m very insecure about having such an overbite. I really don’t want to feel insecure anymore.”


“Edit: I find it humorous on a thread about cosmetic alterations; I want to get braces because I don’t like how my teeth stick out at almost a 45-degree angle. People are saying, “Don’t do it, I think you look great!” Also, people, I sucked my thumb because my family life was so terrible I needed that much additional comfort to sleep at night. Every time I consider my smile, I have to consider that as well. Thank you for the compliments, but what matters here is that I am uncomfortable with my smile.” I say, go for it!”. You shouldn’t have to feel insecure like that.


5. A Significant Change That Cost Some Significant Change

Cunnilingonberry talks about her plastic surgery experience, saying, “I had a tummy tuck and breast lift/reduction a little over five years ago. All in all, it cost around $14k US, and I am so happy I did it. I had lost over 100lbs and had a large flap of stomach skin. My breast had gone from a size 44f down to a size 36dd and was very saggy and pointed downward. The surgery gave me body confidence that I had never had, having been overweight since childhood.”

“I was in my mid-20s when I had the surgery, positive I didn’t want any more kids (already had one son when I was 22). However, this summer, I had another son. My muscles in my stomach stayed tight but still allowed my ultimately 8lb baby boy to grow normal and healthy. About a week after birth, my stomach is flat again. I’m also still able to breastfeed, though my breasts are not as lifted as they were post-surgery pre-pregnancy. Whenever someone tells me, they want surgery to fix something that’s causing them distress. I say DO IT. Of course, research your doctors and all necessary due diligence, but ABSOLUTELY DO IT.”


4. An Expensive Treatment

CapitaineKirk received life-changing laser treatments with superb results. She says, “I had scar reduction done with lasers because I somehow ended up with two red raised scars from acne on the middle of my chest, right where a choker would hit. It was super visible and was making me miserable because I felt uncomfortable wearing any kind of top that wasn’t a crew neck! I had them for a few years and had tried Mederma, rubbing them with bio-oil and scar sheets, but nothing was working. Scars never truly go away, but boy, oh boy, did the lasers make a huge difference!”

“Now the scars are flat and white, so no one notices them at all. I think I paid around $2,000 total, and each scar was treated around three times. Sure it was expensive, but now I’m comfortable again in my body, and that is priceless.” Good for this Reddit user! It sounds like they got exactly what they needed from the laser treatments. It’s important to feel comfortable in your skin, and if that means getting plastic surgery or laser treatments in problem areas, then so be it! Plastic surgery isn’t a bad thing unless you go overboard with what you’re changing.


3. Exactly What She Wanted

A deleted Reddit user talks about their experience with plastic surgery. “I had my breasts done when I was 20. Why? I was barely an “A” cup and wanted to look better in clothes, swimsuits, and such. I was always insecure about my teeny “fried eggs.” But, I didn’t want huge ones. Just a solid “B” to “C” cup size; something natural for my height and weight. People considered my cosmetic surgeon an expert in breast enhancement. He did a beautiful job. They look and feel natural and don’t look like the so-called “bolt on’s,” which we all can tell are fake.”

“My boyfriend didn’t even know I’d had them done until eight months into our relationship when he mentioned something about someone’s obvious fake boobs. When I told him, he was shocked.” This Reddit user had an amazing experience with her surgery and feels comfortable with the results. She’s lucky, compared to others with botched results. Something could have gone wrong during her surgery to cause irreparable damage. I’m glad she got the natural-looking results she hoped for. When you make a life-altering change to your appearance, I’m sure you go through a plethora of emotions, but it sounds like she handled it well.


2. Wanting More

No_Ad3198 shares, “My first surgery was in 2013, which was rhinoplasty. I never had a large nose per se, but I just wanted something smaller, delicate, and feminine. The surgeon I went to in my city is known for his nose jobs. I knew I wanted to go to him when I saw a before and after of a patient who had a similar nose to mine, and I loved her after result. I was and still am extremely pleased with how my nose turned out. It suits my face perfectly. At the time of my consultation, he suggested a chin implant, but I didn’t think I needed it. After my nose had healed and the swelling had gone down, my receding chin became more noticeable to me.”

“In 2016, I was living overseas in South America. Before heading back home, I had arranged to have my chin implant done while in Brazil. Again, super happy with the outcome, no complications, and it was a lot cheaper there than prices here in Canada. I feel like my nose and chin made my features more cohesive and attractive. In 2018, I decided to have buccal fat removal. I’ve always had a bit of a rounded face, and I wanted to change that. With this procedure as well, I’m very happy with the outcome. Gives me a nice, defined, chiseled look on my cheekbones. It sounds like I’ve had a lot done, but my results are all very natural. I’m now looking into getting fat transfer for my under eyes and upper cheek area.”


1. An Indescribable Sadness

Gen369Sept says, “I had a botched rhinoplasty 11 months ago. I’ve lived through a lot of pain, but no pain like losing my face. That pain cut deep into my soul in a way I can’t describe. I’ve deleted all social media apps and have decided I will just not take pictures from now on. Being a 27-year-old, recently engaged woman makes this difficult, but I don’t know how else to manage all the sadness I have from this. I just take things day by day and try to focus on the other things in my life. Some days are harder than others. They definitely don’t tell you about the odds that you won’t like your plastic surgery. I tell you what- unless you hate something about yourself, don’t change anything. It’s not worth it. It’s just too risky, despite what social media and celebrity plastic surgery say.”

“Those posts make it look like makeup (I actually explained it to my fiancé that way… just as easy and minimal as makeup), But it’s far more intensive than that, and it absolutely does chip at your identity. My beautiful (but wide) bulbous nose is gone forever. My surgeon gave me a wide, stick-straight sausage nose, and every day I regret my decision. Several times in my darkest hours, I have wondered about stepping away from it all… but my fiancé keeps me here. His gentle heart does not deserve that. Living with the red-hot emotion of regret has been very difficult, though. And I wouldn’t wish that pain on anyone. I would love to learn from other’s experiences about how to move forward.”