How Plastic Surgery Changed These People’s Lives

2. Wanting More No_Ad3198 shares, “My first surgery was in 2013, which was rhinoplasty. I never had a large nose per se, but I just wanted something… Trista - September 8, 2021

2. Wanting More

No_Ad3198 shares, “My first surgery was in 2013, which was rhinoplasty. I never had a large nose per se, but I just wanted something smaller, delicate, and feminine. The surgeon I went to in my city is known for his nose jobs. I knew I wanted to go to him when I saw a before and after of a patient who had a similar nose to mine, and I loved her after result. I was and still am extremely pleased with how my nose turned out. It suits my face perfectly. At the time of my consultation, he suggested a chin implant, but I didn’t think I needed it. After my nose had healed and the swelling had gone down, my receding chin became more noticeable to me.”

“In 2016, I was living overseas in South America. Before heading back home, I had arranged to have my chin implant done while in Brazil. Again, super happy with the outcome, no complications, and it was a lot cheaper there than prices here in Canada. I feel like my nose and chin made my features more cohesive and attractive. In 2018, I decided to have buccal fat removal. I’ve always had a bit of a rounded face, and I wanted to change that. With this procedure as well, I’m very happy with the outcome. Gives me a nice, defined, chiseled look on my cheekbones. It sounds like I’ve had a lot done, but my results are all very natural. I’m now looking into getting fat transfer for my under eyes and upper cheek area.”


1. An Indescribable Sadness

Gen369Sept says, “I had a botched rhinoplasty 11 months ago. I’ve lived through a lot of pain, but no pain like losing my face. That pain cut deep into my soul in a way I can’t describe. I’ve deleted all social media apps and have decided I will just not take pictures from now on. Being a 27-year-old, recently engaged woman makes this difficult, but I don’t know how else to manage all the sadness I have from this. I just take things day by day and try to focus on the other things in my life. Some days are harder than others. They definitely don’t tell you about the odds that you won’t like your plastic surgery. I tell you what- unless you hate something about yourself, don’t change anything. It’s not worth it. It’s just too risky, despite what social media and celebrity plastic surgery say.”

“Those posts make it look like makeup (I actually explained it to my fiancé that way… just as easy and minimal as makeup), But it’s far more intensive than that, and it absolutely does chip at your identity. My beautiful (but wide) bulbous nose is gone forever. My surgeon gave me a wide, stick-straight sausage nose, and every day I regret my decision. Several times in my darkest hours, I have wondered about stepping away from it all… but my fiancé keeps me here. His gentle heart does not deserve that. Living with the red-hot emotion of regret has been very difficult, though. And I wouldn’t wish that pain on anyone. I would love to learn from other’s experiences about how to move forward.”