The 35 Healthiest Foods You Need in Your Diet


2. Pumpkin

While most people enjoy pumpkin in pies and spiced lattes, it’s actually an extremely nutritious food. Pumpkin is loaded with vitamins and minerals but low in calories, making it an excellent superfood. In addition to its flesh, the pumpkin’s leaves, seeds, and juice are filled with vital nutrients.

Health benefits are a-plenty with pumpkin! This fruit contains beta-carotene, a powerful antioxidant. That’s how it gets its vibrant orange color. Beta-carotene is absorbed by the body and converted into vitamin A. Eating foods rich in beta-carotene can reduce the risk of certain cancers, protect against heart disease and asthma as well as slow down aging. Potassium, fiber and vitamin C found in pumpkin are great for lowering blood pressure and keeping your heart healthy. Plant compounds found in pumpkin seeds help with glucose absorption in the body, making this food good for those with diabetes. Pumpkin is great in sweet and savory dishes! You can put is in smoothies, baked goods, yogurt, and even pasta dishes. Avoid canned pumpkin pie filling because it typically contains added sugar.