A Funeral Director Says She Will Never Allow Her Children To Play With These Toys Or Foods

Toys with Magnets Toys equipped with magnets pose an extreme danger to children. These small, powerful magnets can detach easily from toys and, when ingested by… Alexander Gabriel - October 5, 2023
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Toys with Magnets

Toys equipped with magnets pose an extreme danger to children. These small, powerful magnets can detach easily from toys and, when ingested by curious kids, can cause life-threatening complications. When multiple magnets are swallowed, they can attract one another through the intestinal walls, leading to blockages, tissue damage, and severe health consequences. If a child swallows a single magnet, it can become lodged in their digestive tract, causing similar hazards. Statistics reveal that injuries caused by toys with magnets result in a significant number of emergency room visits for children each year. These injuries range from digestive tract obstructions to severe tissue damage, underlining the urgent need for heightened awareness and stricter safety regulations surrounding such toys.


Fidget Spinners

The small, fast-spinning parts of these devices can pose a choking risk, especially if a child attempts to disassemble or put them in their mouth. Additionally, accidents can occur when fidget spinners are used without adequate attention, as they can fly out of a child’s hand and potentially injure the user or those nearby. Some low-quality fidget spinners may contain harmful materials or sharp edges, increasing the likelihood of injuries. For younger children, safer alternatives to fidget spinners can include stress balls, which provide a tactile and sensory experience without small, detachable parts. Additionally, simple handheld toys like squishies or textured toys can offer sensory stimulation and stress relief without the risks associated with fidget spinners. Engaging in creative and calming activities such as drawing, coloring, or playing with soft clay can also provide a safe outlet for fidgeting tendencies and promote fine motor skill development.

Abora Drive


When children use hammocks without proper supervision or precautions, there’s a risk of falling and sustaining injuries. Improperly installed or poorly maintained hammocks can collapse, leading to falls that can result in fractures, sprains, or even more severe injuries. Additionally, if children attempt to play or swing in a hammock, they may lose their balance and tumble out, potentially causing harm. It is essential for parents and caregivers to ensure that children use hammocks safely and follow manufacturer’s guidelines to prevent accidents and injuries. Safer alternatives to hammocks for children include using swing sets or playground equipment designed for their age group, which typically have safety features like harnesses or enclosed seats to prevent falls. Tree swings with appropriate safety measures, such as sturdy ropes and secure attachments, can also offer a safer alternative.


Baby Neck Floats

Baby neck floats can pose serious dangers to infants. These inflatable devices, designed to support a baby’s head while they float in water, may give a false sense of security to parents and caregivers. If not used correctly, they can result in a baby’s head tipping forward, submerging their mouth and nose in water, leading to the risk of drowning. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) strongly advises against the use of baby neck floats, emphasizing the importance of vigilant supervision and approved floatation devices when introducing infants to water. Relying on such devices can be risky, and the FDA has put out a statement that warns parents not to use them at all.

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