A Skincare Routine that Can Enhance Beauty and Reverse Aging

Using a regular bar of soap can actually dry out your skin and cause you to break out more. Shutterstock.

Cleaning Your Face With the Right Products

Another critical issue when it comes to cleansing is an application. Loofahs are far too abrasive and breed insane amounts of bacteria, so keep them far away from your face! Konjac sponges are great for facial cleansing. Make sure to replace your sponge every few months, however. For your body, a better alternative to a synthetic loofah is soap with natural loofahs formed. They are great for gentle scrubbing without the major germ infestation.

If you still feel like you need a refresher during the day, instead of washing up, try a facial mist or toner. Witch hazel is great for clarifying the skin, while rose water toner is highly reviewed for its long-lasting scent and hydrating effects. Another favorite is micellar water (we love Marcelle’s Micellar water). Just dab some onto a cotton ball and swipe it onto your face – it picks up dirt you didn’t even know was there! There are so many facial mists and toners on the market, so whether you just want something cooling or something more medicinal like a retinol tonic, it is out there for you!