Anti-Aging Foods That Will Keep People Feeling Young

Aging skin naturally loses its moisture, making it itchier. Flickr.

Itching And Dry Skin

People over the age of 50 or sometimes 60 will frequently suffer from itching and dry skin, mostly on their elbows, lower legs, and even arms. The dry skin patches will always feel scaly or rough, and there are various reasons for that. Not drinking the right amount of liquid or spending extra time in the sun can dry up your skin fast. Moreover, being addicted to smoking, living in dry weather, feeling stress, and even losing oil and sweat glands can also result in rough skin.

Some health problems might be the reason behind dry skin as well, like kidney issues or diabetes. Always remember that too much perfume and soap or even antiperspirants can worsen the skin’s condition more. Sometimes, using some medicines can cause your skin to itch. As older people in their 50s or 60s have thinner skin, scratching might result in bleeding, which then leads to infection.