Best Smoothie Recipes for Burning off Belly Weight

Did you know that over 36% of American adults are obese? That accounts for 120.6 million men and women in the United States. It can be… Trista - March 22, 2022

Did you know that over 36% of American adults are obese? That accounts for 120.6 million men and women in the United States. It can be difficult for people to lose weight for numerous reasons, from medication or hereditary to lifestyle choices. Drinking healthy smoothies can be a start to weight loss. Several smoothie recipes target your belly fat so you can shrink your waist. You simply have to pay attention to the key ingredients. That way, you aren’t indulging in a sugary blend that is more like a milkshake. Check out these healthy smoothie recipes to learn want ingredients are ideal for losing weight and keeping it off.

40. Banana Peach Smoothie

This banana peach smoothie is a great way to front-load the start of your day with a lot of nutrition and protein so that you’re not feeling hungry so soon after eating. It’s a mixture of bananas, peaches, nut butter, spinach, and seeds so that there’s an earthy but fruity flavor to it. Bananas are great for supporting heart health, while the nutty hemp seeds provide you with protein and omega-3s that help with weight loss. You can add a scoop of protein powder or vanilla milkshake powder so that your smoothie can meet your specific tastes.

39. Berry Beet Smoothie

When it comes to smoothies, you don’t expect beets to be one of the ingredients. However, keep in mind that beet sugar is why red velvet cake tastes so good. Why not start adding more of it to your diet? This recipe for berry beet smoothies calls for cooked beets, low-fat yogurt, frozen berries, and almond milk, which are low in calories. Beets are also rich in fiber, which promotes weight loss by reducing your need to snack between meals. They take some time to cook properly, but you’ll want to start adding them to all your meals once you do.

38. Peanut Butter Blueberry Banana Smoothie

Blueberries are a tasty summer fruit rich in antioxidants, making them perfect for the hot temperatures of the mid-year. This peanut butter blueberry banana smoothie also calls for spinach and hemp seeds, which add some extra nutrients that will keep you feeling full for much longer throughout the day so that you can reduce your calorie consumption. The great thing about this recipe is that you can adjust the ingredients or add your own for your specific tastes to help you boost your protein and calcium intake.

37. Green Goodness Smoothie

Green smoothies are all the craze, and people are always looking for new and inventive ingredients to add to their drinks without throwing away the health benefits they should be getting. This Green Goodness smoothie uses leafy greens, banana, pineapple, and tart apples to provide a lot of nutrients vitamins and keep you full so that you can increase your ability to lose weight. It’s a great way to start your morning or suffice as a nice treat after dinner so that you don’t give in to late-night snacking.

36. Strawberry Citrus and Ginger Smoothie

Ginger is not only known for being a great probiotic and boost to your immune system. However, studies show ginger can suppress appetite and help with digestion. This strawberry citrus and ginger smoothie will do just the trick at the start of your morning. The cooling citrus with the warmth of ginger is the perfect pairing to create this pretty pink smoothie that you’ll keep coming back to time and time again. You can choose to use fresh fruit or frozen, depending on your fridge space and how much time to have in the morning.

35. Blueberry Peanut Protein Smoothie

The secret to feeling fuller is to add as much protein to your diet as possible. But you don’t want to have to cook a lot of meat to do it, plus that adds many calories. With the blueberry peanut protein smoothie, you can get all the benefits of protein and fruit while only taking a few minutes to put it together. You can choose to use peanut butter, but using peanut powder instead means you can put even more in and still get that rich peanut taste. Add in some oats and a banana as well for an even creamier texture to your smoothie.

34. Pumpkin Banana Smoothie

The fall is the perfect time to get your pumpkin spice favorites, and this smoothie is no different. It’s rich in beta-carotene, potassium, fiber, and calcium to help your heart, gut, and bones. Add a little maple syrup, cinnamon, and nutmeg for a truly authentic “pumpkin pie” flavor that you won’t mind drinking every day. Just be careful, as beta-carotene is fat-soluble, so it’s digested much more slowly by the body. It makes for a great midday treat to give you the energy you need to keep going for the rest of your day.

33. Mango Chia Seed Smoothie

The great thing about chia seeds is that you can add them to just about any meal or smoothie. They’re small enough for you not to notice much of a flavor and blend quite easily. Chia seeds are also full of fiber, forcing your stomach to slow down the digestion process and making you feel full for much longer. This mango chia seed smoothie so so thick and delightful that you may not even feel hungry by lunchtime. Just be sure to stick to the serving size in the recipe to avoid adding too much sugar to your smoothie.

32. Pineapple Spinach Smoothie

Here’s another green smoothie you can add to your recipe book that you’ll want to try after a workout or to keep your immune system at the max. This pineapple spinach smoothie works wonders to boost immunity, protect your heart, and strengthen your bones. The fiber from the spinach and the pineapple will keep you feeling full, and the sweetness of the fruit will satisfy that craving for sugar without adding too many calories. In addition to being a great morning smoothie, it works great after a workout because pineapples are good at keeping you hydrated.

31. Basic Blueberry Smoothie

Be aware of putting berries in smoothies, as they can be relatively high in sugar. However, they’re pretty low in fat and calories, and their fiber content sort of cancels out the sugar. Scientific studies have shown that having a handful of berries at the start of your day can prevent you from indulging in those high-calorie snacks later on in the day. That’s the main culprit for gaining weight, which you can now curtail. That’s why blueberries are such a popular addition to any smoothie, including this basic blueberry smoothie. Give it a try and see how well you fare in the weight loss department.

30. Summer Berry Smoothie

There’s a reason that summer is the time for berries because they make the perfect smoothies that can help you attain your summer body. This summer berry smoothie is rich in antioxidants and proteins that will target your stubborn belly fat and help you to lose weight more quickly. By adding Greek yogurt to the mix of raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries, you’re making a much healthier drink that is also low in fat as well as probiotics for your gut flora. What makes this smoothie even better is that it’s straightforward to put together in just a few minutes, so you can make them as often as you want.

29. Triple Berry Smoothie

If you’re new to the world of making smoothies, then you can’t go wrong with this very basic recipe. The triple berry smoothie uses strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries, all of which are rich in fiber and will keep you full throughout the day. A banana and some Greek yogurt provide good heart health and some protein + calcium respectively to take care of the rest of your body too. It’s a much better way to start your day than with a sugar-filled large coffee from your favorite coffee shop because that’s only going to give you a sugar crash later.

28. Cinnamon Strawberry Smoothie

Cinnamon is a yummy spice that adds some heat but also aids in digestion so that you’re getting the most out of the food you ingest. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, so you’re less likely to suffer from stomach irritation. The strawberries and Greek yogurt in this smoothie recipe will add some much-needed fiber to your diet. Furthermore, it will help promote good bacteria in your gut. That way, you’re digesting food thoroughly, decreasing your need to munch on fat-loaded snacks between meals.

27. Matcha Green Tea Smoothies

Everyone needs a little caffeine boost in the morning to get going, but they don’t want the brutal crash that comes afterward. Skip the mug of black coffee and go for a matcha green tea smoothie instead. Green tea is known for being rich in antioxidants as well as providing a lower level of caffeine that is much more tolerable to those who are particularly sensitive. However, instead of just brewing a mug of green tea, here’s a more fun way to try matcha that’s also healthy, with the added spinach, mango, and bananas.

26. Tropical Turmeric Smoothie

You would never think that turmeric would be good in smoothies, but you’re about to discover just how rich and wonderful the taste can be. Turmeric is known to promote weight loss, curb weight regain, and reduce fat tissue growth, helping you keep weight off much more easily. This tropical turmeric smoothie involves the addition of mango and pineapple for some added citrus and fruity flavor that will smooth out the spicy tang of the turmeric. Just drop everything into a blender, and in a few minutes, you have a delicious smoothie.

25. Peanut Banana Cinnamon Smoothie

When you put together a smoothie, you may realize that it can taste a bit lacking. You may never have considered adding cinnamon to the mix, thinking that you should only use it in cooking. To everyone’s surprise, cinnamon goes well with any fruit. Furthermore, this healthy smoothie recipe doesn’t change the smoothie’s texture. This peanut butter-based smoothie has a bit of honey and banana in it as well, so you can boost your immune system, take care of your heart, and help your digestion process to promote weight loss.

24. Kefir Blueberry Elderberry Smoothie

You may not be familiar with what kefir is, but it’s similar to probiotic yogurt, and it’s fermented milk that is rich in good bacteria and yeast. It is a healthy recipe that is great for gut flora, and the addition of elderberries will help you shed weight and keep it off much longer. This smoothie also puts blueberries and bananas to the rest, providing you with antioxidants, some thickness to your smoothie, and some well-needed vitamin C. It will help your tissues repair themselves, which is essential for those who do a lot of exercise.

23. Meal Replacement Smoothie

This healthy smoothie recipe doesn’t have a specific name because it can be customized to meet your needs and taste exactly. This adjustable recipe focuses on helping you lose weight by adding particular ingredients that will stop you from being hungry. First, you need to pick a plant-based protein, like chia seeds or rolled oats. Then you have to add a healthy fat like avocado, almond butter, or coconut oil. Then add milk of choice and fruits or vegetables you like the taste of, and you have the perfect smoothie that you can replace any meal with.

22. Apple Celery Smoothie

The key to keeping your weight down is to cut out as much refined sugar from your diet as possible. Eating natural sugars is usually combined with fiber, which counterbalances your intake. This apple celery smoothie is one of the best examples of treating yourself while also staying healthy, as it’s not very sweet, but it is still very delicious. The celery itself has zero calories and is mostly water and fiber. The addition of fennel (which sort of tastes like licorice) will add incredible herbaceous warmth to the entirety of the smoothie.

21. Avocado Smoothie with Boba

If green smoothies are your thing, then you’ll want to dive face-first into this recipe. The avocado smoothie with boba is rich with lime, avocado, and basil for a mild, creamy flavor that is more complex than you realize. It’s a great smoothie to have on a summer day, especially with the citrusy lime flavor, and the addition of boba to the mix will keep every sip interesting. Avocado has healthy fats, which helps you feel full for much longer and promotes healthy weight loss.

20. MCT Oil Smoothie

MCT oil isn’t something you don’t hear about a lot, and not many people know about it. It is considered one of the newest superfoods to hit the market and is a type of saturated fat commonly found in coconuts. Although it is fat, your body processes it in the liver instead of storing it. This process allows for an immediate energy source instead of putting weight on your hips. The MCT oil smoothie will boost your metabolism so that you’re burning more calories throughout the day without having to eat more food, allowing you to lose weight and maintain the loss.

19. Five-Ingredient Go-To Green Smoothie

When you want a smoothie, you want it quickly. However, finding one that’s easy to put together with your ingredients can be a struggle. Thankfully, this 5-Ingredient Go-To Green Smoothie uses avocado, any greens of your choice, milk, protein powder, and banana, which are all things you likely have in your fridge anyway. The healthy fat of the avocado will keep you full for a while, allowing you to digest the potassium of the banana and the protein powder that much more slowly, so you’ll feel the rest of the day.

18. Blueberry Peach Smoothie

You’ll fall in love with the taste of blueberries and summer peaches together in this easy-to-make smoothie. They make a great breakfast pick-me-up so that you can get through the work you have to get done without having to stop to recharge with a snack. In just five minutes, you have a tasty smoothie ready to go, and it’s pretty low in calories while still keeping you feeling full. The protein of the chia seeds is what gets the job done, and the spinach adds some additional fiber to slow down the digestion process.

17. Scrub Yourself Clean Green Smoothie

You not only want a smoothie that’s going to boost your metabolism, but you want one that’s going to promote the balance of your organs as well. This detox smoothie will help flush out the harmful bacteria and promote better gut flora to better aid in digestion. What makes this smoothie great is the addition of broccoli, which not many smoothie recipes use. Of course, you won’t notice the flavor at all with the added strawberries, pineapples, and honey to satisfy your sweet tooth.

16. Kiwi Cucumber Smoothie

Another green smoothie recipe to add to your repertoire, a kiwi cucumber smoothie, packs a punch in both flavor and nutrients. It does have added spinach to provide the smoothie with more body and fiber to keep you feeling full, but you won’t be able to taste it through the sweetness of the kiwi. Cucumber is also known for helping you to lose weight since it’s mostly water content, has minimal flavor, and is rich in fiber, which minimizes your calorie intake. You can double the recipe beforehand and keep the extra in the fridge so that you can enjoy this smoothie whenever you have a hankering.

15. Purple Passion Green Smoothie

This recipe is for a spinach smoothie that’s mixed with berries. It provides all of the health benefits you need to jumpstart your day without the awful taste of having to eat a salad. The flavors blend perfectly together in this smoothie recipe, and the strawberries will boost your metabolism so that you’re burning more calories than you would normally. Of course, the added blueberries are going to get rid of those annoying free radicals after you exercise, making this a perfect smoothie for your post-workout sessions.

14. Triple Berry Kiwi Smoothie

Loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, the triple berry kiwi smoothie is going to awaken your senses and get you rearing to go for the day. In just a few minutes, you’ll have a delicious smoothie that’s perfect for boosting your immune system, helping to repair damaged tissues, and providing you with the energy you need to take on any challenges placed in your path. You can have one for your entire breakfast or treat yourself to one as a snack. It’s pretty low in calories despite the sugar content because the natural fiber will help you digest it more slowly.

13. Pumpkin Fig Smoothie

Want to drink an entire dessert as a meal? Then look no further than the pumpkin fig smoothie. The pumpkin provides a healthy dose of vegetables and vitamin A while the fig provides the rich sweetness and fiber that makes any healthy smoothie great. But this isn’t going to feel like a healthy smoothie to you, and it’s going to taste more like a treat you’re getting away with. This smoothie is great for helping you lose weight because there’s also cinnamon added to the mix, which is known to promote and aid in digestion.

12. Grown Up Strawberry Banana Green Smoothie

Everyone loves a strawberry smoothie because it doesn’t taste that different from having a strawberry milkshake. But by making it greener, you’re adding more quality to your smoothie and making it much healthier for you. This recipe calls for spinach and a banana to add more vitamins and some creaminess to your smoothie so that it’s nice and thick. It almost tastes like a dessert, but the natural sugars ensure that you’re fixing your craving without adding the unnecessary calories of refined sugar.

11. Double Dark Chocolate-Covered-Cherry Crunch Smoothie

Chocolate-covered cherries are usually a dessert only enjoyed during Valentine’s Day. Well, kick that idea to the curb because now you can enjoy even more of that delicious taste whenever you want. This Double Dark Chocolate-Covered-Cherry Crunch Smoothie adds the rich flavor of dark chocolate with the sharp bite of cherries. Make sure you use unsweetened dark cherries so that you’re not adding any unnecessary sugar. The majority of the chocolate flavor will come from the chocolate protein powder, helping you stay full longer while still satisfying your chocolate craving.

10. Crio Bru Smoothie

We all get that chocolate craving now and again, but you don’t want to put on those extra pounds when you should be trying to lose weight. That’s why the Crio Bru smoothie can take care of both problems for you. This healthy smoothie recipe has a tasty blend of Crio Bru brewed cacao, bananas, almond butter, cocoa powder, and cauliflower. That way, you’re getting the rich thickness of cocoa with the benefit of fiber, vitamin C, and other vitamins and minerals. With this smoothie recipe, you can start your day without adding excess calories.

9. Apple Pie Green Smoothie

Take your favorite apple pie dessert and turn it into a smoothie. It’s much easier than you think; all you have to do is add the same spices you typically use in an apple pie, including cinnamon and nutmeg. And bam! You have a dessert smoothie that’s delicious and healthy for you. That is because of the protein in the chia seeds. These seeds stave off hunger and help you lose weight much more easily than you would without them in your smoothie.

8. Sweetie Pea Green Smoothie

Peas are some of the most common sides to have with your dinner and for good reason. They’re delicious no matter what you pair with them. So, why not add them to your smoothie? They have a high fiber and protein content, leaving you feeling full for much longer. Add some honey, blueberries, and banana to the mix, and you have a tasty smoothie that you never thought possible before. Whoever thought of making smoothies out of green peas, something we all have in our fridges already is a genius.

7. Kale Smoothie

Kale became one of those superfoods years ago, and now everyone adds it to whatever they can. That’s because kale is rich in so many vitamins and minerals that it’s hard to find any other singular food item that has everything kale has. The biggest hang-up is that people don’t like the taste. However, in this smoothie recipe, the kale is completely overshadowed by the rich bite of pineapple. Furthermore, the sweetness of honey and the creaminess of peanut butter tickle your tastebuds. It doesn’t hurt to give it a try; you can always adjust the ingredients to suit your tastes better.

6. Crisp Mango Cucumber Green Smoothie

If you’re looking for a smoothie that doesn’t feel too heavy, then you may want to consider the mango cucumber green smoothie. It’s very light in flavor and has a creamy texture that will keep you coming back for more. Cucumber and mango provide fiber, which is good for weight loss and will help to boost your metabolism. That way, you can keep the weight off as you have longer endurance. Add spinach and flax seeds, and you won’t have to look for anything else to snack on for the rest of the day.

5. Superfood Sunshine Orange Smoothie

Orange juice has always been a great way to start the day. Rich in vitamin C, orange juice has been known to help promote weight loss by being low in calories while still providing that sweet flavor to satisfy your sugar craving. Add goji berries, bananas, and ginger to this recipe, and you have a healthy drink that is also rich with anti-inflammatory properties that will keep your body in balance with itself. This recipe is a healthy smoothie to make at the start of your day. Likewise, you can have one with lunch when you need a jumpstart in the middle of the day.

4. Tropical Carrot Smoothie

Carrots are known for being pretty healthy. Why? Because their fiber content is great at keeping blood sugar levels low. Furthermore, carrots are rich in vitamin A, and they can strengthen your bones. This tropical carrot smoothie goes a step further by adding pineapple, mango, and kiwi to the mix. These smoothie ingredients promote digestion as well as boost metabolism. If you want to spice up this recipe a little, you can also add a few slices of ginger for a nice warm flavor that will keep you coming back for more.

3. Green Tea Almond Strawberry Smoothie

Green tea is a great way to get your caffeine in without getting the jitters and headaches that you would from black tea or coffee. Great tea is known to help lower body fat and cholesterol, keeping you at a healthier weight for much longer. There’s also no caffeine crash later so that you can stay energized all day. The added strawberries and almonds in this smoothie recipe provide some necessary fruit and protein to maintain your health and keep you full throughout the day so that you’re not constantly snacking.

2. Chlorophyll Green Smoothie

You would think that chlorophyll is something that only plants need to survive, but it can actually have a lot of beneficial properties for the body. It boosts red blood count, which increases metabolism in turn and improves blood sugar levels. This chlorophyll-rich smoothie focuses on dark organic greens to achieve this result, anything from kale to parsley to romaine. Then add your favorite citrus fruit, some banana, and a dash of cinnamon and ginger root, and blend it all up together with some chia seeds for a smoothie that will help your body heal and keep that unnecessary weight off.

1. Chocolate Tofu Smoothie with Reishi Mushroom

This smoothie recipe may be the first you’ve ever heard of tofu being in a smoothie, but it does provide that protein kick that you need to get your day started. This healthy smoothie recipe also calls for mushrooms, providing protein and adding to the creamy texture of the smoothie. That way, it is nice and thick. Furthermore, because this smoothie is plant-based, all of the calories you’re getting are primarily rooted in fiber. Why not give this vegetarian smoothie a try and see how well it helps you keep the weight off?