Causes, Treatments, And Natural Remedies For Back Pain

The spine is made up of several vertebrae with spongy discs of cartilage between them, and the spinal cord is running down the middle. Pixabay.

Understanding Structures

Your back becomes a victim of various forces, whether it is bad posture, a sudden jolt, or a twist. The structures of the spine that overlap or interconnect with each other can also suffer injury. Here are the typical reasons that cause back pain.

When the spinal nerves leave the spinal canal to go to other body parts or legs, the intervertebral discs that help in absorbing shock for the ones can also shift to cause back pain. Additionally, trouble in the large muscle supporting the spine. Facet joints connect the spine with the vertebrae can also sustain injury and back pain. Besides the common causes, issues in various anatomic structures, including ligaments, tendons, and bones, can lead to back pain.