Chopsticks are health-friendly!

BREAKING NEWS: Chopsticks help in weight loss! Chopsticks help in faster digestion! Chopsticks are good for the health of your heart and lungs! The above mentioned… Melisa Silver - April 11, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: Chopsticks help in weight loss!

Chopsticks help in faster digestion!

Chopsticks are good for the health of your heart and lungs!

The above mentioned facts are not mere myths, they are proven by science to be authentic. Surprised, aren’t you?

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  1. Eating with chopsticks helps in reducing weight :

According to a The Daily Telegraph’s food writer Xanthe Clay, eating with chopstick helps in reducing weight. It takes time for your stomach to send signals to your brain that you are not hungry anymore. But if you are eating fast, the time your stomach then needs to activate your brain’s appetite control mechanism reduces, and your brain sends stop signals when you are over eaten.

Eating hurriedly make us eat more and we get extra bulk of calories without needing them, as it takes our brain approximately 20 minutes to realize that we are full or not. But eating with chopstick slows you down and you eat less. The logic here is simple. Chopsticks are difficult to use for majority of us and that’s the reason that people eat slowly with these cutleries and the brain gets enough time to accept the fact when that your appetite is satisfied enough.

Another reason why chopsticks are beneficial for your health is that, with such a kind of cutlery, you get smaller pieces of the meal for your mouth, which means you will get enough time to chew your food better so that you can digest it better. By having smaller pieces of food, digestive enzymes work in a more beneficial and effective manner and your food reaches easily to the respectful targets early.

2) The struggle yields uncountable benefits:

Eating with chopsticks is an art which is not easy, and not everyone has a command over it. For some, it is like picking the sand of Sahara desert with just two sticks, while for many of us, it sounds like stirring your food with two thin wooden strips while not being able to eat it.

This struggle is meant to give you several health boons which range from activation of every organ forming a part of the gut, to activation of the satiety center of the brain. All of the efforts you put into holding and picking with the two sticks results in consumption of less quantity of food while being satisfied at the same time. Moreover, your meal gets digested well.

3) Chopsticks and the lungs:

Chopsticks themselves have a theory behind their use that is based on the principle of TCM YIN AND YANG, which means that one stays still while the other moves. By holding chopsticks in your hand, your fingers move constantly, and every finger represents an organ. The thumb represents your lungs. Exercising your thumbs when eating with chopsticks activates the related receptors on the finger, which in turn nourish the condition of your lungs and keeps it in a good and healthy state.

4) Chopsticks and the large intestine:

While using chopsticks, certain accu-points on your index finger get activated which turns on your large intestines. This stimulates the organ to work better by increasing motility to make space for the incoming food.

5) Chopsticks and the heart:

There are certain points on your middle that represent the ‘pericardium’. A pericardium is a thin membranous covering of the heart which keeps it protected from shock and external injuries. The struggle of middle finger when eating with chopsticks activates this pericardium, which in turn protects the heart from the developing pressure which occurs when the food enters your esophagus.

6) Chopsticks and the small intestine:

The smallest finger (pinky finger) of your hand represents the small intestine. It is the part of your digestive system which functions at enzymatic digestion of the food particles and keeps the bolus in a moving state. By triggering the related receptors on your small finger, you keep sending signals to your small intestine to activate the enzymes for a proper digestion.