Foreigners Reveal How Exercise in America is Completely Different

3. What’s it like in the big city of Toronto? “Toronto, Canada here. In this city, if you’re not part of one of the sub-cultures, you’re… Trista - May 28, 2021

3. What’s it like in the big city of Toronto?

“Toronto, Canada here. In this city, if you’re not part of one of the sub-cultures, you’re pretty much persona non grata. The population of this city is so large, and it’s so spread out that the choices for dating are pretty much infinite, so it makes it really easy to discard/disregard a person for a small flaw because there’s another just around the corner. Owing to its puritanical/British past, it’s also a pretty shallow place. Everybody is in constant competition with everybody else for indicators of success (who has the higher-paying job, who has the nicer toys, who has the nicer house, who has the hotter girlfriend/boyfriend, etc.).”

“So the natural extension of that is physical appearance. If everybody is shallow and will judge you immediately on your clothes and body shape, you pretty much have to lift and have sub-15% body fat to stand a chance. Because everybody else does it, and if you’re not doing it, you’re falling behind. There are the jacked 260 lb power-lifting, steroid-using meatheads, but that’s its own sub-culture. Basically, the 170-190lb, 12% bf lean look is in here (think Greek/Roman statues), so that’s what everybody goes for.” says [deleted] Reddit user. If you are not taking your fitness seriously, how can a partner who values health take you seriously?


2. New Zealand gyms include rugby, squash, and cricket.

“There are gyms in both small towns and bigger cities; obviously, there’s variation in size/quality/facilities, etc. Usually, membership will cost a certain amount per week, as well as a joining fee (generally between $50-$100). At the moment, I pay $14 per week but have also paid $11 per week and $20 per week at two other gyms.” Like other places around the world, it seems there is a variety of prices, but not much difference in the actual gyms themselves. Generally, they all have the same equipment, while some may have additional services and products. 

Reddit user angelofdeaf continues, “All the gyms I’ve been to have free weights. I know of a few shops around that sell supplements, often it’s available to be purchased at the gym itself, and it’s also easy to buy it online. Exercise is pretty common here. Lots of people play sports – rugby (union & league), soccer, netball, tennis, squash, cricket, etc. – and I know plenty of people that go to a gym.” From this observation, it seems like, in New Zealand, there is a good balance of team sports being played along with going to the gym.


1. Exercising in India means going to the akharas.

“Yes, almost all cities have gyms. Even villages have traditional gyms called akharas, but they’re more like wrestling clubs. Gym cost may range from 700 INR (12 USD) to 10,000 INR (180 USD) per month, depending on which part of India you live in and what kind of gym you go to. A lot of smaller gyms mostly have free weights, a treadmill, and an exercycle.” Says Reddit user one_brown_jedi. Between $12-$180 is quite a large difference to pay for your membership – hopefully, they are looking at the pros and cons of each gym.

They continue, “Yes, a protein supplement is widely available and is quite cheap. If you buy in bulk, then it’s cheaper. We don’t have many gym rats; most are people trying to stay in shape. Exercise is not a common thing; most people are way out of shape. Our diet is mostly carbs and no protein.” Again, this shows that no matter where you live and the amount of exercise you get, your health needs to start in the kitchen. Your diet is the most important part of your health journey, and exercise comes second (still very important to have both, though.) If you were facisnated by these global exercising differences, read about how people from around the world described how their US healthcare.