Home Workout Mistakes Almost Everyone Makes

More people are aware of the importance of a healthy, balanced lifestyle these days. However, not everybody wants to subscribe to a gym membership. Luckily, there… Darren Ryding - January 27, 2024

More people are aware of the importance of a healthy, balanced lifestyle these days. However, not everybody wants to subscribe to a gym membership. Luckily, there are plenty of exercises we can do at home. That’s why it’s crucial to be aware of home workout mistakes to get the best results and avoid injuries.

Here are some of the most common home workout mistakes that almost everyone makes in the beginning. Keep these in mind before spending thousands of dollars on a treadmill or doing too many reps in a routine. The key is to know what we’re doing before we take unnecessary risks or waste our time.

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Not Warming Up

The first thing that a fitness instructor or personal trainer will do during a session is lead a warm-up. This gets the blood flowing and wakes up the body, lowering the risk of injury. Unfortunately, one of the biggest home workout mistakes that people make is neglecting their warm-up.

Some will skip it completely before lifting heavy weights or going for a long run. Others will do a half-hearted warm-up but realistically they’re wasting their time. It’s smart to spend at least 10 or 15 minutes warming up with light cardio and dynamic stretches before starting any activity. (via Fit Athletic)


Excessive Focus

Another very common error that people make is focusing too much on one area of their body. Maybe they want big arms so they only do bicep curls in their bedroom. This is a problem because eventually, the results will plateau. Variety will provide a positive shock to the system and improve overall results.

Changing exercises and fitness plans are also important to reduce the risk of injuries. We don’t want to overuse specific muscles because this will be counterproductive. Most fitness experts will prescribe different exercises for each training day. This is a balanced approach that gives the body valuable recovery time. (via Gundersen Health System)

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Lifting Too Much Weight

It’s very easy to lift too heavy if we don’t know what we’re doing. Many home gym owners will use the only dumbbells they own, regardless of weight. They might be able to lift them properly but they compromise their form. This is one of the worst home workout mistakes because it drastically increases the risk of injury.

Meanwhile, lifting heavy doesn’t always make sense. Sometimes lighter weights are more productive if we want to develop muscular endurance. The person needs to know what they want to achieve so that they do the appropriate exercises. Otherwise, they’re wasting their time and frustrations will mount (via One Peloton).

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Buying Wrong Equipment

This is another of those annoying home workout mistakes that inexperienced people make. They buy equipment that they’ll never use because they saw someone use it on Instagram. Another common problem is not realizing how much space it will take up. Sometimes running outside is better than buying a treadmill.

Meanwhile, buying the fanciest exercise bike on the market may seem like a great idea because it has different modes. But it’s not always necessary for the average person who wants to cycle for 20 minutes. Once again, it’s important to know what we want to do before we waste time and money (via Fit Nall).

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Not Pushing Yourself

One of the main reasons why people go to the gym or attend fitness classes is because they provide motivation. Instructors and personal trainer encourage their clients and give them tough love or encouragement. Some gymgoers also appreciate the facility’s atmosphere and this improves their output.

The problem with home workouts is that usually there’s nobody there to provide that push. It’s challenging if we’re only answerable to ourselves and it can be easier to slack. This is a common mistake and it can become a bigger problem if we allow it to happen consistently (via TRX Training).

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Imbalanced Diet

Many people don’t realize that the food they eat is as important as exercising. They will run for miles and then complain that they’re not losing weight after eating a cheeseburger. This is one of the home workout mistakes that many folks make. They don’t understand nutrition and this negatively impacts their results.

Others will go online and read the wrong information about fad diets and losing weight. The best thing to do is consult a qualified nutritionist who knows what they’re discussing. They can advise the right type of food and portions for different goals. Experts dedicate their lives to this task so don’t be afraid to ask (via Healthline).

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Too Much Cardio

It’s very common for people to do too much cardio without realizing it. Maybe the only exercise machine that they have access to is a treadmill or a rower. They spend too long on them and their muscles begin to atrophy. There’s nothing wrong with doing cardio generally because it’s good for heart health.

However, cardio can be counterproductive if we have other goals. If someone is trying to build muscle, there’s no point running marathons. Another issue is that too much cardio will slow down the metabolism. This is the opposite of what we’re trying to achieve (via Dignity Health).

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Using Cellphones

One of the worst things that we can do when we’re exercising is use cell phones. This is something that people do in the gym too but they may be more conscious of time constraints there. However, it’s easier to waste time and procrastinate in the comfort of our homes. This is a common issue for many fitness enthusiasts.

That’s why it’s good to use a separate stopwatch to keep time when doing circuit training or other exercises. Meanwhile, create a playlist and use music speakers to remove the temptation of holding a phone. It’s a simple step that will make workouts more efficient and effective (via Time).

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Watching Fitness Influencers

The internet is an amazing resource with unlimited access to fitness regimes and exercise routines. This is great… if we know how to identify if tips are quality or trash. One of the most common home workout mistakes is copying a fitness influencer because they have a hot body and many followers.

Always check their qualifications because this will show if they’re serious or not. They might make entertaining home workout videos but they’re likely going to the gym themselves. Fitness influencers don’t always have the education to justify the information that they’re sharing with the public. (via The Ithacan)

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Lifting Too Light

Another issue is that some people lift too light. They don’t realize that bodyweight exercises will only take them so far and that they should do heavier resistance training. Maybe the prospect of going to the fear frightens them and they don’t want to fork out cash for expensive equipment.

Nonetheless, there are easy ways to make things more difficult. Many items at home can be used for weight workouts like water bottles. Resistance bands are another cheap resource that we can use at home too. Eventually, we need to lift heavier if we want to keep growing muscle (via Well And Good).

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Doing The Same Routine

Personal trainers and fitness class instructors don’t always repeat the same exercises. They’ll change a program after a few weeks because they don’t want their client to plateau. It also stimulates the body and allows them to achieve different types of growth. For example, perhaps they’ll start with a basic strength phase before transitioning to power.

However, one of the most common home workout mistakes that everyone makes is doing the same routine. Maybe they want to build a bigger chest or arms so they only do bicep curls or bench presses. They never mix it up and they don’t make the gains they want. This comes from a lack of understanding or access to equipment (via One Medical).

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Not Enough Rest

Rest is crucial for everybody who exercises regularly. If we don’t rest, we increase the risk of injuries. Another problem is that we don’t give our muscles enough time to recover. This seriously impacts their output. There are two main types of rest that we can talk about. The first is resting between sets, which is something many home workout fans don’t do.

They rush through their routine and can’t meet their full potential because they are fighting fatigue. This also often inadvertently changes strength exercises into muscular endurance. Meanwhile, it’s important to get a good night’s sleep so that we have the energy for our workouts. This is essential for everybody working out at home or in the gym (via NBC News).

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Too Many Reps

Here’s another issue that relates to not getting enough rest. Often, home trainers do too many reps and this is counterproductive. It usually comes from a lack of understanding about what they’re trying to achieve. For example, fewer reps and heavier weight are better for bulking and gaining power.

Another issue regarding reps is that home workout fans often do the same exercise every day. A good personal trainer instructs their client to focus on different parts of their body each day. Otherwise, they run the risk of wear and tear. Recovery is a huge part of making gains (via Muscle & Fitness).

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Enabling Distractions

Some people scoff at spending money on gym memberships and think they’re a waste of money. But there are two key benefits that they provide. First, they have more specialized equipment for serious trainers. Secondly, they also stimulate a state of mind where their clients focus on their workouts.

This can be more difficult at home especially if there are children. It’s easy for distractions to disrupt home workouts so it’s important not to enable them. Parents should share responsibility and ensure that they have time to do their exercises without disruption. It’s not always easier but it will yield better results (via Prevention).

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No Cooldown

Most people know that they should warm up before they do their training, even if they skip it. However, many home workout fans don’t realize or include a cooldown. This is something that’s part of almost every fitness class. It’s healthy to gradually reduce the heart rate instead of changing the tempo completely after cardio.

Stretching is another great cooldown idea after lifting heavy weights. There’s a common myth that it will nullify workout results but this is nonsense. The reality is that it will enhance the recovery process and this allows for a better workout next time. Always include a cool-down because there are so many positives (via Men’s Health).

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Skipping Cardio

Many people skip cardio because they mistakenly believe that it will affect muscle growth. It all depends on the approach that they take. Some HIIT training can be very effective in helping to boost their metabolism. Furthermore, it will help to enhance definition by burning fat.

We’re not saying that they should run marathons but a few minutes on an exercise bike or doing a Tabata won’t hurt. It’s also very beneficial for heart health. Bodybuilders often put themselves under intense strain so cardio is necessary too. The same is true for home workout fanatics (via Top Fitness).

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Lack of Health Awareness

The first thing that any respectable personal trainer will do is ask their new client about their history. They must know if they have any past health issues or current conditions so that they can design a safe program. This could be anything from a current injury or a long-term degenerative disease.

One of the most common home workout mistakes is not thinking about this. People often don’t know to understand that they may be harming themselves through their exercises. That’s why they should consult a professional so that don’t put themselves at risk (via Verywell Fit).

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Not Maintaining Equipment

Gym managers know that they must maintain their equipment so that it’s safe and convenient for clients. But many home workout fans don’t consider this – and it can cause big problems. Maybe a machine or a rack suffers wear and tear so they can’t use it anymore. Then they can’t train so it affects their gains.

Meanwhile, they waste money on new equipment which defeats the purpose of home workouts. If they maintained it before they wouldn’t be in this situation. Furthermore, the worst-case scenario is that they suffer an injury because something breaks when they’re using it (via Muscle Squad).

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Know Your Surroundings

This is another important point to improve the quality of home workouts. We should know our surroundings for several reasons. It can make or break a training session. Firstly, it’s something to consider when buying new equipment because they take up plenty of space and can fill a room .

Meanwhile, we should know if an area is big enough for us to train safely. Nobody wants to inadvertently crash into a wall and cause themselves an injury. Sometimes it’s smart to go outdoors instead of working out inside. Another point is dropping weights on the floor can cause damage so be careful! (via Gym Shark)

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Not Drinking Water

Staying hydrated is one of the most important parts of any workout. When we dehydrate, our muscles tire quicker and our brain becomes sluggish. It’s easier to drink water in the gym when a trainer is telling us to. Similarly, during fitness classes, we see other people drinking and we automatically do the same.

But it’s easy to neglect during home workouts. That’s why it’s smart to invest in a big refillable bottle and have it on hand. Another point is that we often don’t replace the salts that we lose through sweating. Consider getting some electrolytes or coconut water to provide a boost (via Banner Health).

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Cheap Equipment

Home gym owners must buy the right equipment for their needs. This is tricky because we don’t to waste our hard-earned cash on stuff we won’t use. However, we also don’t want to purchase cheap products that will break easily. First, this can be more expensive in the long term because it will require replacing.

The other problem is that cheap equipment can be dangerous if it breaks when we’re using it. Nobody wants a rack to collapse on top of them because this can cause serious problems. It could be as simple as getting the correct sneakers for running so that they provide enough support (via Breaking Muscle).

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Not Doing Weights

Some folks fear the gym because they think that other patrons will watch them. That’s why they prefer training at home. However, the disadvantage is that they don’t have access to all of the same weights and machines. This restricts their workout capabilities so they must find alternative exercises.

Another issue is that many people, especially women, fear that doing weights will turn them into bodybuilders. They don’t realize that it’s one of the best ways to tone and become healthier. There are so many misconceptions about weights because they associate them with powerlifting (via CNET).

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Incorrect Form

This is one of the worst home workout mistakes that everyone makes. People try exercises without knowing how to do them properly. This means that they are ineffective, or even dangerous. One of the main advantages of a personal trainer is that they can instruct clients how to do things properly

It’s not easy to learn how to do a Turkish Get-Up without guidance. Sometimes we have habits that we don’t notice but an expert eye can spot them. It’s very complicated to notice incorrect form before it’s too late and we do ourselves an injury. That’s why it’s crucial we know how to do the correct form by practicing exercises. (via Women’s Health).

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No Routine

Everybody should work out when they can, but it’s easier if we make it part of our daily routine. Try to exercise at the same time so that it becomes a natural part of the day. Furthermore, create a plan because this will give more consistent results. Changing exercises every single time and doing random workouts isn’t the most effective training method.

That’s why it’s worth contacting a personal trainer and asking them to create a home workout plan. Tell them what equipment is available and they should be able to produce something viable. Remember, it’s possible to do an effective full-body workout using resistance bands in a hotel room (via Spun Out)!

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Imbalanced Workouts

There are many common home workout mistakes – but this may be the most obvious. Often, people don’t realize that they should train their entire body. They focus entirely on one area and neglect their overall conditioning. Many trainers do core exercises without performing cardio and wonder why they’re not seeing defined abs.

First, they must eat correctly but also the cardio burns fat. If we don’t do the cardio, the muscles will build under the fat but they won’t be as visible. This is a very widespread example but there are many others. Maybe they don’t train their lower body or they do too many exercises with a single muscle group (via Self).