How To Stop Bedbugs Before They Take Over Your Home

Bed bugs, those pesky little critters, are like the uninvited guests at a never-ending slumber party, except they’re not bringing snacks or funny stories. Nope, these… Alexander Gabriel - October 11, 2023

Bed bugs, those pesky little critters, are like the uninvited guests at a never-ending slumber party, except they’re not bringing snacks or funny stories. Nope, these tiny troublemakers are all about late-night snacking on your blood. Imagine you’re just minding your own business, dreaming about becoming a professional pancake stacker, and suddenly you’re on the menu for these vampiric villains! It’s crucial to prevent their spread because, let’s be honest, who wants to share their bed with a bunch of freeloading insects who think you’re their all-you-can-eat buffet? So, folks, keep your beds bug-free and your dreams full of pancakes, not bites! Here’s a look at some of the worst cases of bed bugs and helpful tips on how to stop them before they become a problem for you!


An Invasion in Paris

In 2023, Paris saw a huge number of reports of bed bug infestations. From hotels, homes, and even movie theaters, it was a full on invasion. What spurred this? Paris Fashion Week and the immense amount of travel this event created. Paris, the globe’s most-visited city, hosted a whopping 44 million tourists in 2022. Yet, amidst the Eiffel Tower selfies and croissant delights, bed bugs have made themselves right at home. Between 2017 and 2022, over one in 10 French households sang the bed bug blues, according to ANSES, the French health and safety agency. But here’s the twist: ANSES reveals that the bed bug invasion of epic proportions in recent years is largely thanks to jet-setting adventures and the fact that these little critters have turned into bed bug action heroes, sporting superhero-like resistance to the chemicals designed to squash their nefarious plans.

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Regularly Inspect Your Sleeping and Lounging Areas

Prepare for a bed bug detective mission right in your own home! Grab a flashlight and don your detective hat, and start by meticulously inspecting your sleeping and sitting areas. First, pull back the sheets and examine the seams and folds of your mattress, like you’re on the trail of hidden treasure. Look out for tiny, rust colored stains or shed bed bug skins, telltale signs of their presence. Continue your quest by checking your pillow cases, in cracks and crevices of your furniture, and beneath the cushions of your sofa. These cunning critters are notorious for hiding in the most unexpected places.


“What Should I Do?”

“About 12 days ago I stayed at a vrbo and after waking up with bites we found bed bugs. We went straight to a laundromat and washed and dried everything on hot for at least a half hour. Progressively through the week more and more bites showed up (totaling over 75!), the last one showed up about six days ago. So here’s my issue last night I was itchy again and this morning I think I have two new bites. Should I be concerned? Online it says bites can show up to 14 days later.”

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Encase Your Mattresses and Box Springs in Bed Bug-Proof Covers

Embrace the ultimate fortress of slumber protection! Picture this: you, your trusty mattress, and box spring, all decked out in bed bug proof covers like knights in shining armor. These covers are your secret weapon, creating an impenetrable shield against those sneaky bed bugs. It’s like outfitting your bed with its very own protective suit! No nooks, crannies, or seams to infiltrate – bed bugs, you shall not pass! So, wrap your sleeping sanctuary and sleep soundly, knowing that the bed bug army will be vanquished by your impenetrable armor. Sweet dreams are now guarded by your very own bed bug proof sentinels!

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“Exterminator recommendations?”

“… discovered bed bugs in April (only found one adult) that were only present in the living room couches… used DE and sprayed crossfire. sprayed a few times and all seemed to be well until a few weeks ago. I was noticing small bumps on my arms after waking up in the morning. I’m known to have severe reactions to bed bug bites so I didn’t think too much of it, then I was still awake in bed one evening when I was bitten. I ordered fresh crossfire and sprayed everything, and then resprayed again a couple days ago. I seemed to be good after I sprayed, but here I am two weeks later and got bit by something after I lied down in bed for a nap. ”

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Keep Your Living Space Clutter-Free

Decluttering, my friends, is not just a chore; it’s a necessary task to save your space from bed bugs! Think of it as the ultimate treasure hunt – out with the old, in with the organized. By banishing the clutter, you’re removing the cozy hideouts bed bugs adore. These creepy crawlies revel in the chaos, snuggling into stacks of stuff like it’s a five star hotel. But, when you declutter, you’re sending them packing, waving goodbye to their cozy corners and secret hideaways. So, tidy up your space, make it look like a minimalist masterpiece, and give bed bugs the eviction notice they so richly deserve. Your clutter free zone is the ultimate bug repelling fortress, ensuring that your peaceful abode stays bed bug free


“Postpone visit?”

“(Excuse the throwaway due to family on Reddit.) On a recent trip abroad to a certain European country , my sister found on arrival back home that she had brought back some of those bedbug stowaways. After extensive washing on a high heat, so far 10 bedbugs have been found. One of the bags had already been opened on a bed etc. My concern is that they may have already spread into the house before the cases were isolated etc. am I right to think so?”


Wash and Dry Your Bedding, Curtains, and Clothing on High Heat Regularly

Regularly laundering your bedding, curtains, and clothing on high heat is a simple defense against bed bugs. These sneaky critters detest the heat, and high-temperature washing and drying is like a formidable barrier they can’t breach. By consistently subjecting your linens and clothes to this scorching process, you’re essentially hanging a “No Vacancy” sign on your textiles, discouraging any potential bed bug infestation. It’s a practical strategy that reduces the risk of bed bugs making themselves at home in your personal space, ensuring your living environment remains free from these unwanted guests.

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“Apartment neighbor possibly has bedbugs and they’re spreading again..”

“I think bedbugs are coming from my neighbor’s place into ours. I live in an apartment right next to another apartment. Our neighbor moved in earlier this year. I was told that (by a close friend of hers) she has dealt with bedbug infestations in her previous apartment. We didn’t have issues with bedbugs until she moved next to us. Earlier this year back in May / June we experienced a bedbug infestation and had a spray treatment done on our apartment and belongings. This got rid of them for some weeks but now they’ve returned. Our landlord paid for the initial treatment but said we would have to pay for additional treatments. Treatments are expensive and out of my budget right now. I feel frustrated and hopeless. We make sure to be cautious when traveling and throughly clean our clothing and bedding. If our neighbor has them and won’t treat them I feel nothing will help. What should I do in this situation?”


Vacuum Your Carpets, Upholstery, and Baseboards Frequently

Imagine your vacuum cleaner as a diligent worker in the battle against bed bugs. Vacuuming your carpets, upholstery, and baseboards regularly is akin to assigning this steadfast cleaner to the task of eliminating these unwelcome intruders. Bed bugs, being the elusive creatures they are, often take refuge in these hidden corners. But your vacuum is a dependable ally, equipped to deal with these troublesome foes effectively. So, power up your vacuum and engage in the battle against bed bugs! Through frequent vacuuming, you’re not just maintaining cleanliness; you’re protecting your space, ensuring it remains a bed bug free sanctuary of peace and comfort.

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“Found a Bedbug at a Restaurant”

“As the title says, near the end of my meal, felt an itch on my leg, saw a bedbug. Took it off my leg and then outside to ID it. I got rid of it in the parking lot. Got in my car and went home. I changed in my garage and immediately took a shower. Since it was old gym stuff I just decided to take disposable gloves and took everything I was wearing and tossed it in my outdoor trash can. I Lysol’d the interior of my car (don’t know if that would do anything), I’m now washing the towel and bath mat from the bathroom I showered in on hot.”


Seal Any Cracks and Crevices in Your Walls and Furniture

To seal cracks in walls effectively, start by cleaning the crack and its surroundings to remove debris and dust. Then, apply a suitable sealant, such as silicone or acrylic caulk, ensuring a tight seal that prevents bed bugs from sneaking through. These elusive pests have a knack for infiltrating through even the tiniest openings, like stealthy agents on a mission. Armed with a caulking gun or sealant, you take control of your space. By diligently sealing every potential entry point, you’re essentially locking the door on those bed bugs, denying them access.


“Found bed bug after heat treatment, K9 inspection came up clean, found another”

“So I got a heat treatment 2 weeks ago. 2 days after that I found a BB crawling up the wall. I killed it and called the pest control and they came out last week to inspect with k9s. Nothing came up so I considered the situation resolved. Last night I was in the shower and saw something on the shower floor. Since im still on edge and checking everything, i picked it up jokingly thinking to myself “imagine if this was a bed bug.” And turns out it was! Such an odd location to find one. I guess it was clinging to me and then fell off with the water in the shower?”

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Avoid Bringing Secondhand Furniture into Your Home Without Inspecting it Thoroughly

Before welcoming that secondhand treasure into your domain, consider this: inspecting it for bed bugs is like a preemptive strike to protect your space from unwanted invaders. These sneaky critters adore hitching rides on pre-loved furniture like stowaways. By carefully scrutinizing your find, you thwart any potential bed bug infiltration. When inspecting secondhand furniture for bed bugs, start by examining seams, crevices, and corners for tiny reddish-brown bugs or their shed skins. Use a flashlight to thoroughly check every nook and cranny, as well as any fabric or upholstery for small bloodstains, fecal spots, or tiny eggs.

“It’s been over a year.”

“Basically, we’ve been dealing with them for over a year now. Two different companies, 5 home treatments. I apologize this is so long. I’m at my wits end and need some outside advice other than “burn the house down”. It’s in our nursery and we have two under two. About a year and a half ago my son at the time 6mo woke up with some bites on him. We assumed mosquitos because we live in Georgia and they aren’t uncommon to get in the house in hotter months. We sprayed his room with some safe cleaner and didn’t see anything on him for a month or so when he woke up with a couple of bites again. Sprayed again and same thing, nothing for a couple of months. During this time my husband I checked everywhere for signs of spiders or mosquitos and found nothing. Couple months goes by and he wakes up with about 5 bites down one arm and a blister on his finger. This is when we knew it was something worse. We called the first company that came out, the inspector found one dead one in my son’s closet GREAT 😞 he did treat the room at an insane price. ”

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Be Cautious When Using Shared Laundry Facilities

When using shared laundry facilities, it’s vital to take precautions to avoid carrying bed bugs back home with you. Start by sealing your clothing and belongings in a plastic bag or hamper to prevent any potential contact with contaminated surfaces. After washing, transfer your clothes directly into a clean bag or container, rather than using the laundry folding tables, and use high-heat drying cycles to ensure any lurking bed bugs meet their demise. Finally, give your laundry bag a good shake and inspection before leaving the facility, ensuring you leave behind any unwanted hitchhikers. These steps can help you steer clear of a bed bug infestation in your home.


“Can it be caught…at the laundromat?”

“Anecdotally.. I think it would be possible. I have a friend who had bed bugs. When they had to bag up their entire house and wash all their clothing, Etc. They went to a laundromat to do so… which makes me never want to go to the laundromat now. I hope they were careful with their bagged clothes, etc. but you never know, I imagine it could happen inadvertently. Just be as cautious as possible.”


Use a Bed Bug Monitor or Trap Under Your Bed Legs

There are various DIY bed bug traps you can create to catch these sneaky intruders. One simple option is a shallow dish filled with soapy water placed under your bed’s legs; bed bugs will slip in and get trapped. Alternatively, double-sided tape can be wrapped around the legs of your bed or other furniture to ensnare them as they attempt to climb. For a more high-tech approach, a DIY CO2 trap can be fashioned using a plastic bottle, sugar, and yeast mixture to attract and capture bed bugs. Experiment with these inventive traps and you might just outsmart those bed bugs, turning the tables on them in your own bed bug detective adventure.

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“Emotional support thread”

“So there are a lot of ID posts but not many for people living the hell of current or post infestations. Maybe this can be one? I will start lol I have had a lot of bad luck in the past 12 years. Multiple infestations living in nyc but I thought those days were behind me. Currently dealing with an early stage one. I am so depressed. Not comfortable in my own apartment, actually on a vacation and I spend more time worrying about more bugs than anything. I don’t even enjoy going out to eat – afraid I will run across them. I refuse daily cleaning because I am afraid house keeping will drag one in.”


When Traveling, Inspect Your Accommodations

When traveling, inspecting your accommodations for bed bugs is an essential step to ensure a comfortable and pest free stay. These crafty critters can hitch a ride in luggage, multiplying the potential for an unwelcome infestation in your own home. By diligently checking the seams, folds, and corners of the mattress and furniture, you become a vigilant defender of your peaceful night’s sleep. Spotting and reporting any signs of bed bugs, such as small rust-colored stains or shed skins, can save you from a holiday nightmare and safeguard your personal space from these nocturnal nuisances.

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“My job involves staying at a lot of motels/hotels. How can I prevent getting bed bugs?”

“A friend who travels a lot for work and who has on a few occasions inadvertently infested their own home, swears by when arriving home, they do not enter the house, they go into the garage, where they have left a robe, they put the clothing out of the suitcase into sealed bags, or directly into a washing machine, the shoes, bags, suitcase and other items get put in a large plastic sealed container, and sprayed with a suitable insecticide , they then go and shower. Sounds a hassle, but they swear it’s well worth doing and far less bother and expense than ever having to go through dealing with an infestation again. They also spray the car if used when returning. They suggest sealing suitcases in bags when loading them into the car on returning, keeping you items in sealed bags in a sealed suitcase in hotel rooms, being fastidious when accepting a hotel room, check the bed and area before settling in. Be aware that taxi, Uber, and public transport are a good place to pick them up, stand where possible.”


Keep Your Luggage Elevated and Off the Floor in Hotels

Elevating your luggage and keeping it off hotel floors is a smart strategy to minimize the risk of bringing bed bugs back home with you. These persistent pests are known to lurk in hotel carpets and upholstery. By keeping your luggage on a luggage rack or even inside the bathroom, you create a barrier that bed bugs are less likely to breach. This simple precautionary step can help you avoid an unwanted souvenir of bed bugs in your luggage and ensure that your travels remain worry-free.

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“Getting paranoid about Bed bugs, how to really know if I have them”

“I’m a very anxious person living in France (not Paris tho) and as you know recently there has been a huge media focus on a bed bugs outbreak here, so it started messing with my brain, now I get itchy moskito-like bites on my upper back and shoulders and just there, no bites on arms, lower body or anywhere else, and also not many, just 4 or 5, the issue is, other than these bites i haven’t found a single sign of bed bugs being at my place, I use my flashlight every night to check everything, the sheets, the seams, the mattress, the bed frame, the corners, I have never came across a single bed bug, no blood stains, no black stains…, this thing is driving me crazy, everytime I come across some “dust” or “skin particles” I lose my head trying to know if it’s a bed bug egg or excrement or anything related and now I can’t even sleep.”


Seal Your Suitcase in a Plastic Bag When Traveling

Sealing your suitcases in plastic bags or using specially made suitcase covers is a proactive measure to ward off bed bugs during your travels. These tiny pests are notorious for infiltrating luggage. By encasing your bags, you create a protective shield, denying them any entry or escape route. It’s like giving your suitcase its own bed bug-resistant suit of armor, ensuring that your belongings stay safe and sound while you journey to your destination, and back home again, bed bug free. Trash bags are a cheap and fast way to seal up suitcases, but there are also specially made covers just for suitcases that can be purchased.


“I’m so frustrated right now”

“Last night I switched sides of the bed, so if they were going to bite they’d choose my legs first, (tired of waking up with bites on my face). Just In case, I dabbed peppermint on my face, shoulder and arms. It took me all night to sleep. Just woke up, super itchy with 4 huge bites! 2 on my lower leg and 2 huge bites on my butt. First off I didn’t realize these things could go under clothes. Ugh, and I’ve covered everything I can can cover. They must live in my walls. I should have realized something was up, when I read in my apartment lease that if there’s any issues with bed bugs, I would be responsible for pest control!”

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Immediately Wash and Dry Your Travel Clothes

Immediately washing and drying your travel clothes is crucial in preventing bed bugs from infiltrating your home. These stealthy hitchhikers can easily cling to your clothing while you’re on the move. By laundering your garments on high heat as soon as you return, you eliminate any potential stowaways. This swift action not only ensures your wardrobe stays bed bug-free but also acts as a barrier against a potential infestation, protecting your home from these unwanted visitors.

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“Advice needed”

“I definitely had bed bugs about 2 years ago now. Picked them up from a hotel stay. I didn’t know what I was dealing with at the time. I saw one and thought it was a roach nymph. Once I realized what I was dealing with I got super paranoid and went crazy. I sealed up every crack I could find. Treated with cimexa, and at another point DE. Got the traps for the bed frame legs. Got a mattress and pillow coverings, white sheets and inspected verythroughly weekly. Took the bed frame apart and inspected. Treated couches and chairs. Took everything apart and looked very closely. Never have seen another. Never have seen exoskeletons or identified a harborage (fairly certain they were in the wall at our headboard but sealed that sucker up)”


Avoid Picking Up Discarded Furniture or Mattresses From the Street

Picking up mattresses or furniture off the street might seem like a cost-effective way to furnish your space, but it’s like playing a high-stakes game of “Bed Bug Roulette.” You never know what’s hiding beneath those cushions, like a suspenseful mystery waiting to unfold. These cast-off items are prime real estate for bed bugs, and dragging them home is an open invitation for these uninvited squatters. Instead of acquiring furniture with hidden, creepy tenants, it’s best to invest in your peace of mind by purchasing new or carefully inspected secondhand pieces – a decision that will keep your home a bed bug-free zone and spare you from becoming a character in a bed bug horror story.

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“Called a specialist, but worried about the effects of the procedure on board game and books collection”

“So long story short, we somehow managed to get bed bugs. Isolated in the bedroom for the moment, hopefully. Used a steamer to kill a couple of them, but decided that it would be safer to call in somebody. We are supposed to undergo the procedure tomorrow, and from what the exterminator told us, one step entails applying some liquid insecticide on the mattresses and other probable places for these nasty bugs and their eggs. We are more worried about the second, which involves fogging. They told us that fogging would be done in the whole apartment, but we have a sizeable collection of books and board games. I’m a bit going nuts thinking of the effects that the procedure might have on them.”

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If You Suspect Bed Bugs, Contact a Professional Pest Control Service

If you suspect a bed bug problem, contacting pest control services promptly is a critical move to ensure a swift resolution. Bed bugs are prolific reproducers and can quickly turn a minor issue into a full-blown infestation. By reaching out to professionals right away, you’re taking the necessary step to prevent the situation from spiraling out of control. Pest control experts have the knowledge, tools, and experience to effectively identify, contain, and eliminate bed bugs, safeguarding your home and your peace of mind. Delaying this vital action can lead to more extensive and costly treatments down the line, making early intervention the key to a faster and more cost-effective solution.

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