Medical Miracle Survival Stories That Are Hard To Explain

The Young and the Old Earlier this month, Brazilian doctors made a groundbreaking announcement that a baby girl had been born healthy and was thriving. This… Alexander Gabriel - August 12, 2023
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The Young and the Old

Earlier this month, Brazilian doctors made a groundbreaking announcement that a baby girl had been born healthy and was thriving. This achievement marked the world’s first successful instance of using a uterus transplanted from a deceased donor. The mother of the baby utilized the uterus of a 45-year-old woman who had previously given birth to three children and had passed away due to a stroke, as outlined in a case report published in the medical journal Lancet.


Her Dog Saved Her Life

Stephanie Herfel received an ovarian cyst diagnosis and was discharged with pain medication by an emergency room doctor. However, her dog, Sierra, exhibited anxious behavior, sniffing her lower belly and hiding, prompting her to seek a second opinion. This led to the discovery of her actual condition: ovarian cancer. Subsequently, Sierra detected Herfel’s cancer two more times, in 2015 and 2016, through sniffing and hiding. Presently, Herfel has overcome cancer and is actively raising funds to support ovarian cancer research.


The Power of the Mind

A previously paralyzed man, who prefers to remain anonymous, regained the ability to walk after 5 years of immobility. This incredible feat was achieved through a combination of technology, robotics, and his brainwaves, marking a significant medical breakthrough. The man had experienced a severe spinal cord injury in 2000 that left him unable to walk. Researchers consider this a historic milestone in medical advancement, as it is the first documented instance of a person walking again after a spinal cord injury solely through the power of their brain.

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Sacha Saucek Fights for His Life

A branch fell on Sacha Saucek, causing life-threatening injuries. He sustained multiple fractures, including broken arms, right leg, pelvis, a bone in his lower spine, and five ribs. Doctors informed his mother that even if he survived, he would likely be permanently disabled. Recalling the horrifying event, Sacha’s mother recounted how the seven-year-old was crushed by the massive branch from a height of 100ft in a park. Despite the grim prognosis and slim chances of survival, Sacha fought for his life and made a remarkable recovery, which doctors consider a medical miracle.


A Human Torch Survives

After enduring major fire burns, Rob Small underwent 30 operations. His survival baffled doctors who were initially concerned about his chances. The horrific fire incident left nearly half of his body severely burned. Despite doctors estimating his chances of survival at only 30%, a miracle gene in his body contributed to his remarkable burn recovery. Following a month-long coma, Rob Small emerged on the path to recovery. Trapped in a blaze, he unintentionally ignited a puddle of petrol while attempting to escape, resulting in him becoming engulfed in flames like a “human torch.”

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