Modern Vaping Methods Maybe Dragging the Youth towards Ill Health

Feeble lifestyle habits such as sedentary routines, fast food intake, adapting to too much stress, alcohol and smoking, such factors are responsible for over half of… Melisa Silver - May 9, 2016

Feeble lifestyle habits such as sedentary routines, fast food intake, adapting to too much stress, alcohol and smoking, such factors are responsible for over half of the ailments prevailing in today’s era. Diabetes, lung ailments (including cancer), cardiovascular diseases, etc. are mostly attributed to these unhealthy lifestyle factors.

Youth is more prone towards the adaption of such habits. Excessive alcohol intake and smoking is the etiology behind many diseases that are prevailing among the younger generation. Taking into account smoking, lung cancers now rank number one owing to the increase in the habits of smoking, and a considerable part of this group is formed by the female gender as well.

Apart from smoking, other vaping methods such as Sheesha and E-cigarettes have also emerged, which have created complex obstacles in the quest of diminishing smoking habit from the globe.

A recently published government report says that the trend of E-cigarettes in tremendously increasing among the youth, disposing them to the probability of development of health deteriorating conditions, fatal diseases, addiction to nicotine, developmental defeats, and other significant health damages.

The U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention gathered related statistics under the National Youth Tobacco Survey, which claims that 16 percent of the high school group population, and 5.3 percent of the middle school group population have had used an E-cigarette within the past month duration. These rates were less than 2 percent in the year 2011. According to the CDC, this trend of modern vaping method began escalating in the year 2014. Scientists are still trying to determine the extent of damage this modern vaping methods does to the pulmonary, as well as other systems of the body.

According to preliminary research works, vaping methods of smoking has less detrimental effects than those produced by burning dry tobacco leaves, that is, smoking. However, the long term effects of E-cigarette smoking are not yet discovered. The scientists haven’t actually met the required amount of decades needed to evaluate whether vaping methods are less harmful than smoking, equally detrimental, or produces damage on a comparatively greater scale. Owing to the lack of evident data, health professionals and scientists are concerned about a probability that the youth shall assume E-cigarette as safe and may indulge too much into this habit.

A review that was published by the Public Health England in the year 2012 stated that E-cigarette mode of tobacco intake is 95 percent safer and 40 percent cheaper as compared to the conventional methods of smoking.

In a pursuit of reducing tobacco addiction, both CDC and vapor company have combined efforts. On one hand, the former agency encourages the use of nicotine dermal patches and chewing gums to get rid of nicotine addiction, at the same time the E-cigarette makers aim at ending this addiction by reducing the amount of nicotine in their vapor products. However, a $2 billion market of the E-cigarette makers, which is a pretty big deal, is not merely about making the world a nicotine-free place.

E-cigarettes come with a variety of flavors, which is another big reason for its great number of fans. You name a flavor, and you will possibly get that. Strawberry Astronaut, Unicorn Puke, Peanut Butter and Jesus, Cherry, Vanilla, etc. are some famous flavors people usually prefer in their E cigarettes.

The director for research translation at the CDC’s office on Smoking and Health, Brian King says that any other thing besides menthol is prohibited strictly when it comes to advertising cigarettes. But these days, the advertisement involves chocolate and other flavors, which can be specifically

Brian King, who is the director of research translation at the CDC’s office on smoking and health, said that anything besides menthol is prohibited strictly when it comes to advertising tobacco. But we see that many flavors like chocolate are also being used in the advertisements. The president of American Vaping Association, George Conley says that advertising flavors possibly attracts more adults towards E-cigarette smoking.

Matthew Farrelley, who is Public Health Policy Research Program’s senior director at the North Carolina-based research firm RTI International says that even a small amount of exposure of the children to tobacco advertisements can create a strong impact on their minds. As he says, “It’s hard to really know how much of the rise in vaping among kids is driven by advertising, but I think there is pretty solid evidence that it’s a contributing factor.”


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