Natural Ways to Increase Hemoglobin and Why that is Important

By Trista
Natural Ways to Increase Hemoglobin and Why that is Important

The importance of hemoglobin is unparalleled and cannot be debated. Imagine various diseases attacking you due to the low levels of hemoglobin in your body. It’s scary, isn’t it? Hemoglobin carries oxygen to the different parts of the tissues and helps them function properly. While the situation may seem daunting, do not fret, there are many ways that you can increase the levels of hemoglobin in your body. 

Your parents probably advised you to eat several foods to increase your hemoglobin level. These are natural remedies and can be easily accessed. They have the fewest side effects and can be consumed by almost everybody. Visiting a doctor is probably a better idea if your levels of hemoglobin fall off considerably.

Hemoglobin makes up the central part of blood, which is essential for the body. Pixabay.

Details About Hemoglobin Including Formation and Destruction

Hemoglobin is more specifically a group of proteins that are linked with the heme group that contains iron. Hemoglobin gets its name from its structure. The protein is globular and is connected with a heme group; hence the name comes up as hemoglobin (heme + globin). I bet you didn’t realize that, did you?

The production of hemoglobin occurs in the bone marrow by the erythrocytes. Its destruction occurs in the spleen and is eventually expelled from the body, along with bile, but not before retaining the useful components. Hemoglobin is not only found in red blood cells but also other cells.