Nutrition Hacks That Will Start Working Instantly

There are so many diet and health fads that it’s difficult to know what to believe. The reality is that it takes time to lose weight… Darren Ryding - January 7, 2024

There are so many diet and health fads that it’s difficult to know what to believe. The reality is that it takes time to lose weight or to achieve our fitness goals. However, the good news is that there are nutrition hacks that will work instantly. They’ll make a massive difference to any lifestyle.

We’re looking at everything from when to drink coffee to healthier ways to eat dinner. Meanwhile, we’re not hating on carbs either so don’t worry! It’s all about moderation and making a few easy substitutions or additions to our meals. Everybody can follow these nutrition hacks so check them out!

7 Health Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water In The Morning
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Lemon Water

Most people know that they should drink more water. But they find the flavor boring so they can’t motivate themselves to consume it. Lemon water might be their savior because it tastes great and has many health benefits. It’s a great source of Vitamin C and it helps digestion.

Meanwhile, drinking more water helps to reduce hunger so it’s useful for weight loss. There’s also the potential that the citric acid will prevent kidney stones. Add cucumber slices, honey, or lime to mix the positive side effects. Lemon water is one of the great nutrition hacks that’s so easy to incorporate (via Buxton Water).


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Half Vegetables

Reportedly, only 10 percent of Americans eat the daily recommended amount of vegetables. This is a shocking statistic because it proves that most people aren’t getting enough nutrients in their diets. One tip to enhance the produce we eat is to fill half of the plate with vegetables.

This will also help to reduce the amount of consumed carbs. There are a couple more nutrition hacks to help add more vegetables. Try using sliced carrots and bell peppers instead of chips with dipping sauces. Canned vegetables are also convenient for cooking but check for added salt! (via Very Well Health).

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Add Baby Spinach

Prewashed baby spinach is one of the most convenient vegetables because it’s so versatile. It’s a brilliant source of iron and several vitamins with many proven health benefits. The other advantage is that we can throw it into everything. Grab a handful and chuck it into a smoothie for a power boost.

Baby spinach also works well with eggs so add some to omelets or frittatas. The leaves don’t overpower everything else so they won’t affect the flavor. The prewashed version is the best because it takes away the effort of rinsing leaves and waiting for them to dry. Everyone should keep a bag on hand in their refrigerators (via Real Simple).


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Meal Prep

Many people believe that meal prepping means that they have to cook for an entire week in one day. That can be the case but there are many versions of meal prepping. It could be as simple as making overnight oats and sticking them in the refrigerator for the next morning.

Meanwhile, planning dinners and not spontaneously ordering takeout is also meal prepping. It’s one of the best nutrition hacks because it structures what we eat. We can identify the amount of protein and carbs we want to ingest. At its most basic we can simply ensure we have a healthy breakfast instead of a sugary Danish pastry. (via Budget Bytes)


Extra Flavour In Coffee
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Spicy Coffee

Millions of people take a cup of coffee in the morning because they want that caffeine boost. But they make the mistake of pumping unhealthy syrupy shots into their drinks. They want flavor but they don’t realize that there’s another better way to do it. Add spices like cinnamon or nutmeg to ground coffee because it will give a great taste boost.

Meanwhile, the likes of ginger have outstanding health benefits including improved digestion and blood sugar regulation. Most people have spices sitting around in their cupboard so spoon a little bit into that next cup of Joe. There’s nothing wrong with a syrupy Starbucks order now and again but it’s not good all of the time (via Tasting Table).

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Embrace Carbs

Carbohydrates have never had a worse reputation than they do right now. It’s unfair because they’re an essential part of our diets as they provide energy. One of the best nutritional hacks is to embrace carbs by improving our relationship with them. Firstly, choose wholegrains over refined carbs because they digest better.

The second thing is to think about when to eat carbs. They make sense before a gym session because they provide fuel. We can also eat them after because they will help with recovery. However, avoid that late-night PB&J because it’s not the best time for digestion. Carbs are our friends if we consume them correctly (via Good Housekeeping).

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One More Fruit

About 20 percent of Americans eat enough fruit each day. We all know that we’re supposed to eat at least five portions per day but that’s easier said than done. So why not try just eating one more piece of fruit per day? It’s not necessary to go from zero to one hundred at once. Doing a little bit is better than doing nothing.

Maybe have a banana in the morning with breakfast or an apple as an afternoon snack. Eat an orange in the evening while watching TV or maybe chop up a mango and enjoy it with Greek yogurt for a sweet treat. There are many interesting ways to incorporate more fruit into our diets (via Nature’s Produce).

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Check Menu Online

Being healthy doesn’t always mean making massive lifestyle changes. Sometimes all we have to do is prepare ourselves for what’s coming. We can do one of the best nutrition hacks without leaving the house. Check restaurant menus online to avoid impulsively choosing unhealthy options.

Many people panic because they can’t decide what they want. However, most restaurants have menus online now and they’re easy to find. This is a good idea for people who are trying to maintain their diet or have special food requirements. But don’t worry about treating yourself occasionally! (via Time Out)

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Make Your Own

Yes, we know it’s so easy to pick up a jar of pasta sauce or a loaf of bread from the grocery store. However, so many things that we eat contain unhealthy levels of preservatives and artificial ingredients. One of the best ways to ensure that we are eating well is to make food from scratch.

It’s not always going to be possible but sometimes it’s even fun. Try making homemade barbecue sauce and jams or baking a hearty sourdough loaf. Maybe there’s room on the kitchen window for a tomato plant. Small changes can make massive differences in our quality of life (via Tasting Table).


Side Sauces

One of the best nutrition hacks to lose weight while lowering sugar and salt intake is to use side sauces. This is an easy way to control what we eat without changing the flavor. Dipping sauces are an important part of many Asian cuisines and they’re very tasty. Ask for sauce on the side instead of drowning food in it.

This also works with condiments like ketchup and mayonnaise. Dip those fries instead of saturating them because it’s much healthier. Also, the fries will be tastier because they will be crispier. It’s a win-win situation that doesn’t require any special effort. If only losing weight was always this easy (via This Pilgrim Life).

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Super Seeds

Seeds have so many benefits but we often don’t think about them. It’s so easy to incorporate them into our diets. The likes of Chia, sunflower, and poppy seeds contain protein and fiber. Drop some basil seeds in a jug of water and allow them to soak before drinking them.

It’s also easy to add a pinch of seeds to smoothies or overnight oats. They’re great in homemade bread too or even in pancakes. Think outside the box because there are so many options. That’s why they’re one of the great nutrition hacks. Seeds are a superfood and we should embrace them. (via Taste)

Food Republic

Stock Healthy Snacks

Many people find that they can’t help themselves when it comes to snacks. If they see a candy bar in the fridge they’ll eat it. That’s why it’s smart to remove temptation and provide an alternative. Office workers could keep dried fruits like sultanas and dates as well as nuts on hand for when they’re peckish.

They’re tasty and provide a sugar rush without as many unhealthy side effects. We can be even healthier by opting for almonds instead of peanuts but we don’t even need to go that far. Have some homemade granola and Greek yogurt as an afternoon treat instead of a chocolate muffin (via Food Republic).

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Added Sugar Alert

These days food companies are becoming extra sneaky about the ways they add sugar. Firstly, check items to see if there is added sugar. But sometimes they don’t declare it so look at the ingredients list. There are more than 60 varieties of added sugar and most of them end with ‘ose.’

Sucrose, maltose, and dextrose are all common examples of added sugars. There are also natural sugars including agave syrup and molasses. We might not immediately think about them this way but they are sweeteners with high sugar levels. People frame agave as a healthy sin-free alternative but it’s not true (via Hopkins Medicine).

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Rehydrate Before Caffeinate

Most people crave a cup of coffee in the morning because they want that caffeine boost. However, it’s wise to put it off until after a glass of water. Rehydrate before consuming caffeine to avoid crashing later in the day. Water boosts the metabolism and helps to fuel the brain. Furthermore, it protects against dehydration which is crucial.

Coffee is very acidic and this isn’t good on an empty stomach. Most importantly, drinking water first will stave off the caffeine crash that comes later in the day. It increases the effectiveness of a cup of Joe so it makes sense to have it first. Always start the day with a big glass of H2O before reaching for the coffee jar (via USA Today).

Steamed Vegetables
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Steam Instead of Boiling

There’s a common misconception that boiling food is the healthiest way to eat it. This is incorrect in the case of vegetables because they will lose their nutrients in the hot water. Most nutritionists agree that steaming is a better way to cook because it will retain these nutrients.

Steaming isn’t as intense as boiling but there are a couple of advantages. The vegetables will have a better texture because the hot water won’t make them mushy. The flavor will also be superior so it’s a win-win. Furthermore, it only takes about five minutes to steam broccoli so it doesn’t take long. (via Simply Recipes)

Orange Juice
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Drink Fresh Juice

Regular fruit juice in the grocery store is one of the most unhealthy drinks out there. Many shoppers wrongly assume that they’re healthier than soft drinks. However, they contain high levels of sugar and often use fruit concentrate instead of real fruit. That’s why it’s crucial to drink freshly squeezed juices because they also retain fiber.

Buy a juice maker or use a blender to make fresh orange juice in the morning. It only takes a couple of minutes to peel them before blitzing them in the machine. Add a little bit of honey if it’s not sweet enough or some lemon juice for some extra zest. Try this with other fruits too like mango or apples (via All Recipes).

Food Plate Wood Restaurant
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Use Smaller Dishes

One of the easiest nutrition hacks to implement at home is using smaller dishes. American portions are notoriously massive and it’s contributing to the nation’s shocking obesity problem. The problem with large plates is that they subliminally trick the eater into filling them up with too much food.

Smaller plates mean that they can only pile them up so much. It’s a simple way to unconsciously consume fewer calories. Yes, if they want to eat more they can always go back for second helpings. But often they’ll reduce the quantity of food that they’re eating (via The Guardian).

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Breakfast Protein

Protein is a key part of our diets because it builds and repairs muscle. Our bodies don’t produce it so we need to consume it. Many people neglect to eat protein in the mornings but it’s important. Protein also helps to quash hunger pangs later in the day so it makes sense!

Turkey sausages and eggs are a great source of protein but don’t worry if there’s no time to cook. Add some whey protein powder to milk and make a smoothie. It’s also easy to add them to overnight oats. Greek yogurt is also a great source of protein so try that instead of milk (via BBC Good Food).

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Go Frozen

The frozen food section in the grocery store is like a goldmine. Often, they contain more nutrients than fresh vegetables because they lose fewer of them during international travel. We’re not saying don’t eat fresh local produce because that is the number one option.

Another reason why they’re one of the best nutritional hacks is because they’re so convenient. There’s no need to chop or wash anything with frozen vegetables. Simply open the bag and add them to a stir fry or a curry. They cook quickly too and there are many varieties of different cuisines. (via Forbes)

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Stay Hydrated

Everybody knows that they should drink more water but we’re all guilty of not consuming enough. The average male should drink about 15 cups per day while women should drink about 12 cups (via Mayo Clinic). One of the most useful nutritional hacks is to have a big refillable bottle.

These days it’s possible to get gigantic four-liter bottles. But it’s fine to refill a smaller bottle a few times a day. Keep it on the desk in the office and aim to get through it by evening time. Add some sliced fruit to give it a little flavor boost to mix things up. It will help improve energy levels as well as the metabolism.

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Use A Slow Cooker

Slow cookers are amazing because they are so versatile. We can make anything in them from a beef joint to a chocolate lava cake. The best thing about them is that they take most of the work out of cooking. Throw the ingredients into the machine and switch it on before allowing it to do its magic.

It’s safe to leave them on all day, unlike a stove or oven which requires supervision. Meanwhile, some meat will taste better from a slow cooker because it doesn’t dry out. They allow home chefs to plan which means they can prepare healthier meals easier. The crock pot is a brilliant addition to every household (via BHG).

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Milk Alternatives

These days many people are turning to non-dairy milk for a variety of reasons. Let’s put the ethical aspect to one side for the moment and focus on the dietary benefits. Up to 50 million Americans are lactose intolerant including 80 percent of African-Americans. These are staggering figures and show why plant-based milk makes sense.

Meanwhile, unsweetened soy milk is one of the great nutritional hacks for weight loss. It has under half the calories of standard cow’s milk. Some people complain that it’s too watery for coffee. Experts say that oat milk has the closest consistency to cow’s milk so it’s a good replacement (via GI Alliance).

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Add Tumeric

Tumeric is another superfood that we can throw into so many different things. It is a member of the ginger family and contains antioxidants. Another benefit is that it reduces inflammation and muscle soreness. Most people think of curries when someone mentions turmeric but there are other ways to use it.

Warm turmeric milk is a deliciously soothing drink for a better night’s sleep. Meanwhile, add it to smoothies and homemade bread in small doses. It indeed has a prolific color but a teaspoonful of turmeric won’t affect the flavor. Tumeric is also very cheap and widely available in grocery stores (via Nuffield Health).

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Eat Slowly

One of the best nutrition hacks is to eat slowly and mindfully. These days everybody is too busy with their devices or watching TV. They sit down with their food and before they know it they’ve finished. Eating slowly will help with digestion and also the amount of food we consume.

Furthermore, we will enjoy the overall experience of eating more. It’s not always about fuel instead of flavor. Eating slowly helps us to feel full quicker. One smart tip is to put down the knife and fork during the meal to lower the eating tempo. It’s not that difficult if we put our minds to it (via Zen Habits).