40 Crucial Nutrition Mistakes Even Healthy Eaters Make

2. We eat foods with an ‘all natural’ label

Food labeling is often deceptive. Consumers often fall for a label like “all natural” on food, even if the phrase is meaningless. The “natural” mark on packaging is often just a marketing tactic to increase sales. The FDA has no official definition of natural foods. It does not object to the term as long as the food doesn’t contain artificial flavors, synthetic substances or added color.

Many products labeled “all natural” are filled with high-fructose corn syrup and other ingredients that have been genetically engineered. A product like a raisin bran, for example, may be considered “all natural” even though the raisins have been soaked in corn syrup and sugar. Foods labeled “all natural” may still be high in calories, sodium, sugar or fats. We may need to find whether a product advertised as “all natural” lives up to the claim. These products are usually more expensive, and we shouldn’t pay more if it isn’t healthy.