Ozempic Is Causing These Concerning Issues

Ozempic is the drug of the moment because everybody seems to be using it to lose weight. From A-List celebrities to TikTok influencers, they’re all trying… Darren Ryding - March 10, 2024

Ozempic is the drug of the moment because everybody seems to be using it to lose weight. From A-List celebrities to TikTok influencers, they’re all trying to look good. Now they’re turning to diabetes medication because they believe that it produces quick results. However, Ozempic is also causing some concerning issues.

Unsurprisingly, it’s not a good idea to use a specialized medication for something as trivial as shedding a few pounds. Elon Musk is one of many noteworthy people injecting it into themselves for vanity reasons. Check out the potential side effects of Ozempic and why unprescribed users should be wary.

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Ozempic makes the body feel fuller quickly and this causes people to empty their stomachs slowly. However, this can have an unexpected consequence. An increased risk of gallbladder disease is one of the most concerning short-term effects of the insulin drug.

In 2024, there were many active lawsuits against drug manufacturers because of this. Some sufferers reported that they suffered gallstones with others even undergoing gallbladder removal. This shows that Ozempic is a serious drug that we shouldn’t take lightly or use to lose weight. (via Miller and Zois)

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It’s crucial to note that the FDA hasn’t approved Ozempic for weight loss. Nonetheless, people are taking it for this shallow reason anyway despite many concerning issues. Bloating is one of these and something that users don’t expect to deal with. This is because the drug causes slower digestion.

The body creates additional gas during this process and it can be very uncomfortable. It prolongs the length of time that food stays in the body. The attractive aspect is that it stops people from eating as much but the side-effects are risky. Users may need to take additional medication to stop bloating (via Everyday Health).

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Here’s another common side-effect of misusing Ozempic. People who take the drug for weight loss typically go through a horrible time. Headaches often arise because Ozempic triggers low blood pressure and causes dehydration. It’s crucial to drink enough fluids when taking Ozempic to avoid these concerning issues.

Another smart strategy is not to follow Khloe Kardashian and Amy Schumer’s lead when it comes to weight loss. They might be millionaires with lots of followers online but they’re not medical experts. Even people taking Ozempic for diabetes can endure the same symptoms but at least doctors advise them properly (via Good RX).

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Ozempic has one crucial active ingredient in its composition. Semaglutide helps the pancreas manage its insulin levels. It shouldn’t shock anybody that abusing this for weight loss can be dangerous. Hypoglycemia is one of the most dangerous potential side effects.

This is where the blood sugar levels are lower than normal. Remember, Ozempic is a diabetes medication so it’s not surprising that it will impact these levels. If hypoglycemia progresses, it can even cause people to develop diabetes. That’s one of the most concerning issues regarding this trendy drug (via CDC).

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Clinical trials revealed that at least five percent of Ozempic users will suffer from constipation. This makes it one of the drug’s most common side effects. The simple reason why this can happen is because semaglutide slows down the digestive system. Anybody who ever endured constipation knows that it’s miserable.

One way to counter this is to increase fiber intake by eating more fruit and vegetables. Another method is to stop using Ozempic for weight loss. Try going to the gym instead and having a proper diet. In the end, it’s better for the human body than misusing a diabetes drug (via NHS).

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Erratic Urination

Another weird Ozempic side effect is that it can cause issues with urine output. Firstly, it may make people thirsty and cause them to intake more fluids. The natural result of this is that they’ll need to use the restroom more often. Technically the drug doesn’t make people pee more but it can dehydrate them.

That’s why it can also cause them to pee less often than usual. If they’re not drinking enough they won’t need to go. Another bizarre aspect of urinating while using Ozempic is that it can affect the smell. Many people say that their urine had stronger smells after they started taking the diabetes drug (via BuzzFeed News).

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Intestinal Blockages

This is a rare but potentially lethal Ozempic side-effect. It’s one of the drug’s most concerning issues and one that medical experts want users to know about. Ozempic may clog the intestine in exceptional cases and this can trigger severe complications.

In short, it causes a condition called ileus which is a build-up of food. The worst result of this is that it may cut off the blood supply to the intestine. Tearing and infections may arise with potentially fatal consequences. That’s why we shouldn’t use Ozempic frivolously.

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Stomach Pain

Medical experts warn that Ozempic users should stop using it immediately if they experience severe stomach pains. This may be a sign of pancreatitis which we’ll discuss in more detail later. However, light cramping and abdominal pains are common symptoms of Ozempic.

This affects roughly 10 percent of users so there’s a high chance that it will happen. Heating pads and warm baths are two ways to deal with this. But contact a doctor if the pains continue because this may mean something more serious is happening (via Drug Watch).

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Another of Ozempic’s rare and dangerous potential side effects is pancreatitis. This is an inflammation of the pancreatitis and usually happens because of gallstones. Digestive enzymes attack the pancreas and can cause serious complications. Usually, pancreatitis fades by itself but sometimes it needs medical treatment.

It’s one of Ozempic’s most concerning issues and a reason why people should be wary about using it for weight loss. One in five cases of pancreatitis can be life-threatening because of organ failure. Is it worth risking this for the sake of shedding a few pounds (via Better Health)?

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Excessive Gas

Burping and flatulence are two common issues that Ozempic users experience. The drug may cause people to eat their food slower than usual and this may result in gas build-ups. It must come out of the body in some way so that’s why they’ll find themselves belching or worse.

Meanwhile, Ozempic can trigger constipation so users may consciously consume more fiber. That’s fine except for the side effect that excessive fibre also triggers flatulence. Ozempic users shouldn’t eat spicy or salty foods because these are the worst offenders (via Now Patient).

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Tiredness is a rare but occurring side effect of using Ozempic. People might not think of it as one of the most concerning issues but it’s not fun to deal with. Usually, fatigue arises as a symptom of other Ozempic problems. If they’re not eating a nutritious diet they won’t have enough energy.

This is one of the most common ways fatigue presents itself in Ozempic fans. Other problems like diarrhea and nausea can also cause fatigue because the body is losing nutrients rapidly without replacements. It’s something to be mindful of when using this diabetic treatment (via Prevention).

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Lack of Satisfaction

Everybody in Hollywood is taking Ozempic because they want to lose weight. But many users are saying that it’s reducing their life happiness. That’s because they don’t enjoy food anymore. They might order a fancy steak and only eat four bites before pushing the plate away.

One of the most concerning issues regarding Ozempic is that it causes food repugnance. People don’t enjoy food anymore because it changes their taste perception. This can help them to treat it as fuel and not eat too much. But it can also be extremely negative (via The Guardian).

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Shocking statistics prove that roughly one-third of people who use Ozempic for weight loss will suffer diarrhea. What goes in must come out and this drug makes it happen. There’s a higher chance of this occurring when they increase their use of diabetes treatment.

Comparatively, only about eight percent of people using it for prescribed medical reasons get diarrhea. It’s crucial to drink enough water and maintain fluid intake when using Ozempic. Otherwise, Ozempic fans will endure dehydration and potentially more concerning issues (via

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Thyroid Cancer

Experts found a link between Ozempic abuse and thyroid cancer. The FDA even issued a black box warning about the drug because so many people are using it. It’s crucial to check family and personal health history before using it. Some medical practitioners say that it may produce tumors.

Early symptoms of this include difficulty swallowing and hoarseness. Some sufferers may also experience shortness of breath because the tumor is causing a blockage. It’s crucial to seek medical attention as soon as possible when these situations arise because they’re potentially lethal (via Reuters).

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Kidney Disease

Anybody with a history of kidney issues shouldn’t touch Ozempic without medical guidance. The drug can cause kidney injuries or even potential failure. The earliest symptom of this is a decline in urination. However, it’s easy to mistake this for dehydration.

That’s dangerous because the symptoms may advance before the person realizes that there’s another problem. Even if people don’t have a history of kidney problems they may suffer them when they use Ozempic. It’s one of the most concerning issues surrounding the drug today. (via NHS)

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Some people will think it’s great that Ozempic causes a loss of appetite. However, there’s a big difference between eating healthily and not eating enough. Ozempic can cause users to reduce their food intake so that they’re not getting enough nutrients.

This means it can be more difficult to gain muscle too. Malnutrition is one of the most serious side effects of not eating enough food. Many Ozempic proponents don’t realize that this can happen without losing weight. If they’re not getting enough vitamins and minerals there will be serious consequences. (via Healthline)

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Rapid Heartbeat

Reportedly, Ozempic is a risky medication for people with heart issues. That’s because it can cause low blood sugar levels which may trigger a faster heartbeat. Experts say that it may change the way electrical impulses transfer through the heart. The most dangerous result of this is a cardiac arrest.

Once again, it’s crucial to understand the consequences of misusing Ozempic. Doctors prescribe it to diabetic patients when they know their medical history. It can be very risky to take the drug without knowing everything about it. There are other safer ways to lose weight (via Med Broadcast).

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Blurred Vision

Ozempic shouldn’t cause people to experience vision issues but some users do suffer problems. This may mean that they have a history of diabetes or have low blood sugar levels. Blurred vision is one of the most common symptoms, but they may even have partial vision loss.

If this happens it’s essential to stop taking Ozempic immediately and consult a medical practitioner. Amazingly, people will risk blindness because they’re too lazy to go to the gym or eat properly. That’s why the FDA won’t recommend it as a weight loss drug (via US News).

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Clinical trials revealed that Ozempic may cause some takers to experience dizziness. This is very rare but it does arise and it’s a potentially concerning issue. There are a couple of reasons why it might produce this effect. The first is low blood sugar levels which may also cause lightheadedness.

Meanwhile, if Ozempic users aren’t getting enough nutrients they may have an iron deficiency. Green vegetables like spinach and kale are a good natural source of this mineral. They may also choose to take supplements. Dizziness isn’t common but it’s another potential side effect to think about (via Simple Online Pharmacy).

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This is potentially the most reported side-effect of taking Ozempic. Nausea and vomiting are one of the most concerning issues that people are dealing with. Allegedly, this occurs as people’s bodies adapt to the drug. It’s an acute symptom that usually goes away by itself.

Nonetheless, it can be stressful and very uncomfortable. Furthermore, there was even one lawsuit where a woman claimed that she lost teeth from persistent vomiting. This isn’t something that anybody wants to experience so it’s important to understand Ozempic before using it (via Bloomberg Law).