People Confess to the Dirtiest Personal Hygiene Habits

4. A workspace should not be filthy like that. “My partner’s manager at work. My partner was isolated for two months as he has asthma and… Trista - June 21, 2021

4. A workspace should not be filthy like that.

“My partner’s manager at work. My partner was isolated for two months as he has asthma and is very concerned about getting sick. He had a 12-week note from the doctor and returned to work after 8-9 weeks or so. This means that he has been away from work for two months. Shortly after his departure, they stopped serving the public and were online orders only. My partner returned this Monday to two months worth of smelly garbage building up. The bin is overflowing. There’s stuff EVERYWHERE—bin bags, cardboard boxes from stock orders, general detritus.” shares hellcups.

“The real kicker is that there is NO soap in the bathroom and the hand soap he purchased for the kitchen was at the exact same level when he left. Nobody in the place had been washing their hands while he was gone. It’s freaking disgusting. He feels dirty just sitting at work packing orders upstairs (which he has cleaned since that’s his workstation for now). His boss is a disgusting shady bully, and he has two potential jobs on the horizon. It’s just a matter of getting more info. He needs to get out of there.”


3. Another horrible roommate with terrible hygiene.

“One of my first roommates was super spoiled, and it was clear that mommy did everything for her. (She was a child of divorce, and the mom thought coddling was the way to go) less than a month into living with her, she has taco Tuesday and leaves the ground beef pan in the sink until the next taco Tuesday. The remaining ground beef was crawling with maggots by that time. The worst part is, she didn’t even wash it. My mom did when she stopped by to hang out with me.”

Makeupjunkiemac continues with their story, saying, “She also had a habit of leaving her wet clothes In the washer for days at a time, and no one was allowed to move them (they smelled sour). She also left her fish tank on the kitchen counter and didn’t clean it, ever. It was so cloudy you couldn’t see the fish. Her little dog pooped and peed everywhere, and her bf was a major drug dealer who smelled like cat pee and skunk. I moved out about a month after the taco incident.”


2. Cleaning up at least once a week is still better than this.

“I had a roommate in college that let his equally crappy girlfriend move into his room with him. They were and are both still very obese. They shared a room, and I kid you not, they had a 15×12 foot room that at any given day you couldn’t see the floor because of the various clothes, pizza boxes, dishes, just crap on it. To top it off, they had multiple reptiles and, at some point, a cat in the room. Neither of them understood basic hygiene at all. Two good stories come to mind about them – one time they started doing laundry… one load, two loads, three loads, etc. I started asking why so much laundry.”

Forbes52 goes on to say, “They couldn’t figure out which clothes were clean anymore and which were dirty (even with the sniff test 🤢), so they just decided to wash it all. It all ended up unfolded on the floor, repeat the cycle. Another story – said roommates had a terrible stench in the room. So bad that we insisted they keep the door closed 100% of the time. After the bar closes, another roommate went into their room, peed all over on literally anything he could. Five minutes later, the room absorbed the pee smell. The dirty roommates were wearing the peed-on clothes the next day.”


1. Just a little bit of soap and water can surely go a long way.

“I used to work at a convenience store that was right by a trailer park. There was an old obese couple who lived in the trailer park that would come in every now and then. They did not bathe, ever. They always wore the same clothes that they never washed. Their hair were greasy messes. The wife had natural blonde hair, but her hair looked dingy and stuck to the side of her face. The top of her head had actual dirt built up. They always looked greasy and dirty with dirty build upon their skin. The husband’s fingernails were long and had dirt packed under them. He had a long brownish grey beard with food stuck in it. The best way I can describe their smell is like crap, B.O., and a landfill, cat/ dog seeping out of their skin,” says Apache_Mermaid.

“They would come in, immediately stink up the store. Stay around for 15 or 20 minutes, figuring out what they wanted. I would always open both doors to try to air out the store. One guy asked if the sewer pipe busted with a disgusted look on his face. I just pointed at the couple. I saw the wife coming, and I closed the store 5 minutes earlier than I should have. Why? Because I did not want to deal with that smell after I closed. I had to keep the doors locked as I handled the money. The lady complained to my boss, said I did it cause I was racist. I told him, “Naw, she just smells horrible, and I didn’t want to be trapped inside the store smelling her for the last 30 minutes after she left, and I have to do the closing paperwork. He just laughed and said he couldn’t blame me.”