Signs Your Body is Too Old For Your Actual Age

Father Time comes for everybody but some people suffer from premature aging. In the worst case, this may be because of their genetics. But usually, our… Darren Ryding - February 9, 2024

Father Time comes for everybody but some people suffer from premature aging. In the worst case, this may be because of their genetics. But usually, our lifestyle choices impact how our bodies change as we grow older. Today we’ll look at signs that your body is too old for your actual age.

The decisions that people make in their thirties and forties can impact them for the rest of their lives. Spending too much time in the sun or failing to exercise will take their toll eventually. Luckily, it’s possible to reduce these side effects and prevent premature aging if we keep a healthy mindset.

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Hair Loss

One of the most common signs of premature aging is hair loss. Many men suffer from this condition as follicle-creating cells deteriorate over time. Unfortunately, this is very difficult to prevent and some people are more predisposed to lose their hair. Scientists remain uncertain about the reasons why baldness occurs.

The main theory is that age-related DNA damage affects the hair follicles and prevents them from reproducing. There are also foams and lotions to treat early hair loss while entire transplants are also available now. Some men think that they look too old without hair but others make it work well (via The Guardian).

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Sagging Skin

Skin damage is one of the most obvious signs of aging. This presents itself in many forms with sagging skin being one of the most common. The body stops producing collagen and elastin fibers that make the skin elastic. However, this can also occur in younger people for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, if they are suffering from serious fluctuations in weight they may suffer from sagging skin. Furthermore, failing to work out can also make them look too old. They should consult health professionals like nutritionists and gym instructors to maintain an exercise program and healthy diet (via Medical News Today).

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Memory Problems

As we grow older, it’s common to suffer from memory loss. This is because of a decreased blood flow to the brain causing cognitive changes. However, young people can suffer from this issue too if they’re not looking after themselves. It’s a sign that their body is too old for their age but they can treat it

Lack of sleep and exercise are two reasons why many youngsters suffer memory problems. Meanwhile, they often don’t engage in critical thinking exercises that sharpen the mind. Puzzles and problem-solving are brilliant for brain stimulation. In some cases, contact sports athletes like boxers and football players suffer brain damage that affects their memory. (via The Conversation).

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Easy Bruising

Older people often bruise easily from innocuous injuries that wouldn’t bother them when they were younger. They might not even realize the cause because it happens without them noticing. This is because the skin is thinner and the blood vessels aren’t as strong as they once were.

This can be a sign of premature aging with liver disease being a serious trigger. Remember, alcohol abuse is the leading cause of liver disease so this can present in young people. They look too old for their age and have yellow skin too. Some blood-thinning medications can also lead to easy bruising as a side effect. (via Medical News Today)

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Irregular Periods

Early menopause is another sign of premature aging in women. Usually, people reach menopause in their early fifties but it can occur earlier. This can be because of serious medical procedures like cancer treatments causing imbalances in the body. In short, ovary damage prevents the body from producing estrogen.

Other common causes include long-term smoking or even starting periods as young as 11. Some women experience it for no reason and this causes medical issues. Consult a doctor because they’ll prescribe HRT to help deal with it. Women may feel too old too early but this is a relatively common issue (via Cleveland Clinic).

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Heart Issues

Everybody knows how important their heart is because it’s the battery that keeps them alive. However, heart issues are also a sign that their body is too old for their age. There are many reasons why they might have cardiac issues and most of them are controllable. Diet and lack of exercise are the two leading causes.

Managing cholesterol levels by eating healthy foods is one of the easiest ways to prevent heart attacks. Meanwhile, maintain a healthy heart by practicing a sport or going to the gym. Quit smoking too because this is also really unhealthy and puts pressure on the heart (via The Heart Foundation).

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Sun Spots

The name says it all; these blemishes occur from overexposure to the sun. These days more people take care when they are outside. They use sunblock, cover up with long sleeves, or stay in the shade. This is sensible because the sun can wreak havoc on our bodies if we’re not careful and make us look too old.

Sometimes people prematurely suffer sunspots from too much exposure. Dermatologists may recommend bleaching cream to whiten the skin or even steroids to counter them. Many treatments can reduce the appearance of sun spots so don’t despair. But remember that preemptive action is easier than trying to eliminate them. (via VeryWell Health)

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Older people typically suffer fatigue quicker than younger adults. This is normal but these days people are living increasingly sedentary lifestyles. Now they’re sitting around in offices eating junk food and not exercising. They feel fatigued because they’re not using their bodies properly and this makes them too old for their age.

If we don’t look after ourselves we can trigger conditions that will result in extreme tiredness. However, it’s not all bad news because it’s relatively easy to deal with this when we’re younger. Exercising, eating good food, staying hydrated, and sleeping well will all help to fight fatigue (via Top Doctors).

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Dull Skin

Here is one of the most common signs of premature aging. Younger people typically shine with vitality and have healthy skin. Sometimes we even comment on how great they look. We can keep this longer if we look after ourselves properly. Firstly, drink enough water because we must hydrate our skin to avoid a dull appearance.

Middle-aged adults often look too old for their age because they make unhealthy choices. They don’t stay hydrated or maybe they smoke too much and this damages their skin. Meanwhile, a skincare regime will have a positive impact on dull skin as well as other dermatological issues (via Olay).

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Vision Issues

This is something else that impacts people as they grow older. However, now many people are engaging in too much screen time and this is damaging their eyesight. Experts are still assessing what impact this is having on us. Long story short: it’s not good and that’s why office workers should wear blue light filter lenses.

Older people are more susceptible to conditions like glaucoma and cataracts. We can do simple things like wearing sunglasses and quitting smoking to improve our long-term eye health. Nobody wants to deal with serious vision problems as a symptom of premature aging (via Vinmec).

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Visible Veins

Varicose veins are a common condition for seniors for two reasons. Blood pressure changes are one big cause while skin elasticity is another issue. But this can also happen to younger people and make them appear too old for their age. Weight gain from pregnancy or general lifestyle changes can trigger this condition.

Controllable lifestyle choices like smoking and a high-cholesterol diet all impact premature varicose veins. It’s amazing how many things eating properly and doing exercise can help. This is probably the last thing that we think about when we go to the gym or eat a healthy meal (via Texas Eva).

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Teeth Deterioration

Brushing teeth will save so many problems in the long term. It takes thousands of dollars to invest in a new set so try to make the best of the originals. Many older people suffer from tooth deterioration because they’ve had them for a lifetime. The enamel deteriorates and teeth even fall out.

That’s why it’s crucial to brush and floss from a young age to preserve teeth for as long as possible. Avoid eating sugary foods too often because these wreak havoc on enamel too. Simple choices can help us so much as we grow older and give us a better quality of life (via Arnold Dentistry).

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Slow Walking

There’s no reason why a healthy adult should slow down in their forties. Many ultramarathon runners are in this bracket because they know how to pace themselves. However, some people find that walking becomes a struggle because their bodies feel too old for their age.

This is a sign of an unhealthy lifestyle and general unfitness. One of the easiest ways to improve is to download a pedometer app and aim for 10,000 steps per day. Meanwhile, cut back on fat foods and create an active routine. It should be possible to turn this one around before it is too late (via ASICS).

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Muscle Atrophy

Our bodies becoming increasingly weaker as we age so we must fight back. Statistics reveal that muscles can reduce by up to eight percent per decade after 30. This is a huge number and can seriously impact people in their later lives. However, we can maintain our strength by exercising and lifting weights.

Some septuagenarians are stronger than people in their thirties because they keep training. Resistance bands are a great tool for seniors because they allow many exercises without the same strain. Eat enough protein and keep training so that the muscles stay healthy and strong (via Henry Ford Health).

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Facial Wrinkles

Nobody wants wrinkles but they’re inevitable as we grow older. Unfortunately, some people suffer from premature wrinkles and crow’s eyes. This is the same as sagging skin across the rest of our bodies. That’s because it’s the result of a collagen deficiency and damaged elastin fibers

Moisturizers will help younger people to fight wrinkles. Meanwhile, wearing suncream every day is another way to avoid them in the long term. Some facial expressions can cause wrinkles too so it might feel like we’re fighting ourselves. Avoid frowning because that will etch lines into our skin! (via ABC News).

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Gaunt Cheeks

As we age our midriffs gain more fat if we’re not careful. But it’s the opposite story when it comes to our faces. It’s common to suffer gaunt cheeks because we lose facial fat. This can create a sunken appearance and it’s one of the most common signs of premature aging.

Many people with unhealthy lifestyles have gaunt faces. Everybody has seen pictures of drug addicts with sunken cheeks but it can happen easily. Sun damage and alcohol abuse are two reasons why younger adults have gaunt faces. They look too old for their age and may even require fat grafting. (via Health And Aesthetics)

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Less Sweating

This one will surprise many readers but older people don’t sweat as much as younger adults. That’s because the sweat glands become shallower and this can have very serious health consequences. Seniors may not realize that they are overheating and this makes them more prone to strokes.

However, this can also be a side-effect of different conditions including diabetes and psoriasis. That’s why some people in their teens may realize that they’re not sweating much. Another interesting point is that older adults have a lower body temperature than their younger counterparts (via Michigan Medicine).

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Dry and Rough Skin

Nowadays more women and men are looking after their skin. They know that this will pay off in the future because skin deteriorates as they age. Nobody wants their face to feel like sandpaper so it’s good to have a skincare regime. Use moisturizers and sun cream to hydrate it and protect it from the elements.

As our skin ages, it becomes less oily and this makes it drier. It can also develop a rougher texture which may feel uncomfortable and isn’t as nice to touch. Some people suffer this prematurely if they’re frequently outdoors and don’t protect themselves. Wind sun and dry air all wreak havoc on the skin (via Mayo Clinic).

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Grip Strength

Everybody knows that they will lose physical strength as they age. But one aspect they don’t think about is their ability to grip certain items. Opening jars or even steering a vehicle may become more challenging. Middle-aged people should have concerns if this is something that they’re struggling with.

They will feel too old for their age because they can’t do the tasks they expect to complete easily. There are some simple ways to enhance grip strength without going crazy. One is using a stress ball while wringing water from a wet cloth is another. If this is a serious issue it may be a sign of arthritis (via Cleveland Clinic).

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Blotchy skin is another common symptom of aging. Hyperpigmentation happens as blood vessels become more visible. Usually, UV exposure is the main reason why it happens so once again suncream is the answer. This is something that nobody wants to suffer prematurely so be mindful.

They appear in ruddy-brown blotchy patches across the skin. Some women also suffer this during pregnancy but it’s a different type of hyperpigmentation. Laser treatment is one of the most effective ways to deal with it so don’t despair. It can happen prematurely too but it’s not common. (via Medicine Today).

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Less Flexibility

A lack of flexibility is another sign that we are too old for our bodies. This is a natural symptom of aging but like most of them, we can delay the impact. Stretching is very important for everybody but most of us don’t do it enough. It’s helpful for athletes in the gym because it reduces the risk of injury.

Furthermore, it improves mobility and makes it easier for us to perform basic tasks. As we age we lose fluid in our spines and our body tissue. This impacts our flexibility but we don’t have to accept this. Even older people can be flexible but it’s easier to maintain it than to try and find it again (via Span Health).

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Achy Joints

Another issue that we may suffer as we age is achy joints. This is uncomfortable and unpleasant because it can be painful and affect walking or sleeping. Furthermore, it may progress into conditions like arthritis. There’s no way to stop this from happening completely but we can fight back.

Strength training is one of the best ways to combat achy joints. Working on our flexibility is another great way to deal with it. Try going to the gym or doing a yoga or pilates class because it could help in the long term. If we don’t use our bodies we lose the ability to make the most of them (via Health Direct).

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Thick Waistline

A bigger belly is a sign of aging because seniors don’t have the energy to exercise. But younger healthy people don’t have this excuse and should manage their weight. We’re not talking about people with conditions because they’re in a different category. Diet and exercise are the two biggest factors in weight management.

Remember the risks of heart disease and diabetes increase as we age. A thicker waistline is natural after menopause and some women will experience this earlier. Nonetheless, it’s still important for them to control their weight. Thyroid conditions will also impact weight gain and this will require medical consultation (via Everyday Health).

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Visible Pores

Pores become more visible as we grow older too because the skin is no longer elastic. Gravity does its work and makes the skin hang looser and this opens pores. They are a symptom of aging but there are other reasons why we can suffer visible pores. Oily skin and sun damage will also affect them.

The sun is one of the biggest instigators of skin damage and makes us appear too old for our ages. It’s impossible to close pores completely and we shouldn’t want to because this would wreak havoc on our bodies. But we can control how visible they appear if we look after our skin (via Platinum Dermatology).

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Poor Hearing

Many adults suffer a gradual loss of hearing as they age. Usually, they have problems with high-pitched noises as they struggle to define them. Doctors may prescribe a hearing aid to help improve their quality of life. However, increasing numbers of young people are suffering from hearing loss.

There’s a simple reason behind this and it will make everybody uncomfortable. Excessive headphone use at high volumes isn’t good for hearing. These days most commuters wear airbuds or headphones when they’re on the train or bus. They may be doing themselves irreparable harm without realizing it. (via Hopkins Medicine)