These Skin Creams and Makeup Products Might Cause a Rash and Other Problems

The concept is not as complex as it seems. Shutterstock.

More Theories About Allergic Skin Creams

The new theory is that CD1a, which is a molecule found on the outer layer of skin, might be the reason T-cells recognize smaller compounds. Experiments with CD1a were conducted, and it was determined that this particular molecule would readily bond with known chemicals to produce an allergic reaction, thus causing your body’s T-cells to react. The substances that were identified as a problem were Balsam of Peru and farnesol, both being found in skin creams, toothpaste, and fragrances. 

The researchers also came up with a solution to this particular problem: apply other fats to the affected area to displace the fats that are causing the issue. This idea is revolutionary, considering the only option to stop a reaction from happening at present is to try to determine which chemical is causing you to develop a rash. There are also skin ointments on the market that can help soothe your rash, which may take up to a month to produce results. If you consult a physician due to the severity of the outbreak, they are most likely to prescribe a corticosteroid.