10 bad things that happen when you are not happy with your work

At some points of our lives, we all must have gone through times when we were forced do to work that we weren’t satisfied with. All… Melisa Silver - March 11, 2016

At some points of our lives, we all must have gone through times when we were forced do to work that we weren’t satisfied with. All of us must be well aware of those morose feeling that arose when we were forced to carry out a job that we didn’t like, and there was no option to flee.

Whether the work isn’t appropriate for a particular individual, or whether that person does not desire to work- both are two separate subjects. This post is all about some particular changes from a medical point of view that happen in a person’s body when their work is bothering them.

Read out the following post to learn about the symptoms. And if you think you fit into this category anyhow, then take no time to resolve your issue lest it becomes permanent.


  1. Over drowsiness:

What happens normally when we are bored, or are habitual of doing stuff regularly that we find boring? Of course, we feel sleepy most of the time. If you are an office-going person and you feel drowsy during work hours and even after that, try to figure out whether it is your work which is putting your mind into sleep all the time.


2. Agitation:

When we are forced to do something which we are not willing at, we often become agitated. Such kind of anger is usually displaced in nature, that is, it shows up at unrelated things. If your work mates frequently complain about your behavior in the office, do consider the fact whether it is your work that is affecting your behavior.


3. Lack of passion:

Passion at work is equally as important as your monthly pay. Without passion, not even a task as easy as filing documents can be accomplished properly. If you are lack devotion towards your job despite of the fact that you are not facing any significant troubles with your life, try to figure out whether the real culprit is your job or not.


4. Anxious Sunday nights:

Weekends are meant to enjoy. Saturdays and Sundays are the times when you wear off your tiredness which you have been bearing for the whole week. Many of us prefer spending weekends with our families, or plan outings with friends. Sometimes we also wish to sleep all through these days. Whatever we do, seldom are we worried at the end of the day about getting back to work the next morning. However, if you are often anxious at Sunday nights by the idea of going to office the next day, then there is a possibility that your job might be bothering you.


5. Miserable Monday mornings:

If you wake up every morning and become miserable at the thought of going to work, it is then a clear sign that you are not happy with your job. Try to resolve issues at your work place or find some replacement that your think might please you. If you feel dreadful even at the idea of getting ready for work, it might be high time that either you require a break or you need to quit that place.


6. Waiting for retirement:

Are you are just 30 years old and you already dream about retirement? Well that is not even near to normal. You fantasize about sitting back at home and relaxing for the rest of your life during your retirement years, when you still are 20 years away from that time. If this is your situation, then it is possible that you might be ignoring the torture your work is giving to you. Try replacing your job or take a break to figure out and settle the on-going war in your mind.


7. You want to become ill……..

At times we all wish to fall into circumstances that would save us a day or two from going to work. However, the fantasy of getting sick or injured too frequently is actually a warning sign that it is high time you either quite your job, or take a vacation.


8. Procrastination:

Procrastination is not just a word, it is a curse. A procrastinator tends to put off work until the last minute, and when the time arrives, they panic like anything else in the world. Occasional procrastination is pretty normal. However if this has become a habit, then you might just be working for the sake of getting paid for a living. Procrastinating work all the time means that your devotion towards your work is totally absent, and lack of devotion parallels lack of interest.


9. Notable physical symptoms:

Frequent muscle aches, muscular tension, a breaking back, low-tension headaches, anxiety, suppressed appetite and insomnia- if these cluster of symptoms occur often whenever you are at your work place, then you must consider if you have any disputes between your real passion and your job.


10. Declining relations with your co-workers:

Colleagues are meant to help out each other through every ups and downs in the office. However, if you are the one who doesn’t feel like becoming a helping hand to any of your co-workers, and tend to become agitated if any one approaches you at the office for help, then it is possible that you are not enjoying your work the way you should.