10 Natural Remedies of Treating Anxiety

By Denis Courtney
10 Natural Remedies of Treating Anxiety

Most of us have suffered from anxiety at least once in our lives.  This could have been caused by one factor or another and you being the victim were not aware that this is something serious which could even require medical attention. Adults are usually victims but studies have also shown that even babies suffer from it and that’s why you may find them sometimes crying non-stop and with no reason.

This however is no cause for alarm as anxiety is a common emotion which most people encounter every now and then as it’s one of the facets of life. This is because life is all about making decisions and before doing so, you must clearly analyze the various choices at your disposal. This will definitely leave anybody anxious as there is the pressure of always striving to make the right choice.  On the extreme side, anxiety can leave one overwhelmingly distressed and with constant fear of the unknown and this can lead to depression.

Despite the fact that anxiety is a feeling that is natural, extreme anxiety can be dangerous. Controllable anxiety is healthy. This activates some enzymes in the body that help in the proper functioning of the body on day to day activities. Remember that life with less or no anxiety can also be very boring too.

There are prescribed medicine which people have been taking over time to relieve themselves of anxiety. However, studies have shown that drugs can have adverse effects on a patient after they have worn off leaving them feeling disoriented and paranoid. Because of this, researches have come up with harmless natural remedies guaranteed to help you get rid or minimize your levels of anxiety. These remedies include;


1. Exercise

Exercise is not only good for keeping fit but is also great for reducing and dealing with bouts of anxiety. Exercise has also been found to be safe, cheaper and is good for your brain as it serves as an antidote for depression and anxiety. This is because it has an immediate and long term effects. This in part is because, daily exercise will often leave you feeling healthier and with more self-esteem which is a major culprit for causing anxiety. Just know that the more you exercise, the more you will get rid of toxic materials from your body and your mind as it will leave you refreshed and with a calm outlook at life.

Exercise is good in that it will pump your system with endorphins which are feel-good hormones.  As a result, therapists have come up with a 21 minute cure where they believe that, that’s the best amount of time to adequately exercise and reliably reduce anxiety. Therapists have over time therefore advised their patients to at least engage in some form of physical exercise if they feel distressed. As a result, patients will find that engaging in a physical activity will take their minds away from their worry and in the end find themselves feeling notably calmer.

Exercise has also been found to reduce stress as it keeps one fit and healthier as illnesses often leave one feeling anxious. You should therefore hop on and start hitting the treadmill or start going back on any physical exercise of your choice that you enjoy the most even though it involves small walks in the evenings.

Exercise can be varying depending with the nearest facilities. In case there is no gym around, take some time in the morning or evening and make some short runs. This will save you a lot in the long run.