6 Health Benefits of Living In a Country Side

Who doesn’t dream of residing in a lush green area free from noise and peer pressure? We aren’t saying that this is the ideal kind of… Melisa Silver - March 7, 2016

Who doesn’t dream of residing in a lush green area free from noise and peer pressure? We aren’t saying that this is the ideal kind of life, but in many cases, human minds are formatted by nature in such a way that it automatically desires a kind of living that involves peace and pacification.

Of course, city life has several charms of its own. Anyone habitual of living in busy streets cannot think of permanently adapting a lifestyle so quiet and simple. However, at times when the mind is too stressed out and it needs a break, it is that when we think about heading towards the countryside.

Living in the countryside has its own benefits. The absence of city-life stress, ongoing speed of life, and never-ending burden of work create a peaceful environment to dwell in. However, anyone habitual to city life cannot live without it for long. For such people, countryside serves as a means of vacation, where they can escape so as to allow some rest to their minds.

Read out the rest of the post to discover some amazing health benefits of residing in the countryside.


1. A stress-free environment

The urban kind of living requires one to work continuously without giving a pause. It holds no space for people who would want to go slow with their lives or would want to take a break. However, the case is totally the opposite when it comes to life in the countryside. Living in a rural area makes you the king of your own living, where you can work and rest according to your needs and abilities.

Lesser amount of stress directly correlates to lesser amount of diseases and a better health standard.


2. Fresh air

Of the things that are going extinct in today’s world, count in fresh air amongst the top ones. One cannot expect to breathe in fresh air when living in a city, where the hustle and bustle of vehicles and the heavy traffic have made it difficult for humans to breathe normally. Polluted air has created several lung hazards, most of which are incurable. However, the countryside is free from such hysterics.


3. Fresh food

If you are asked to pick from genetically engineered foods and those that are grown by natural means, what will you go for? Of course, you will never consume artificially produced foods in the presence of natural ones. But what if you are provided with the engineered ones only? This is what happens most of the time in a city, where food shortage is met by adding up engineered foods. However, you can expect none of this in the countryside, where almost every person gets the chance to eat naturally grown foods all the time.


4. Privacy

A city where people are packed together, where buildings are positioned in such proximity to each other, where there is no room to reside separately, privacy gets highly interrupted. Countryside is devoid of such an undesirable situation. Here you can expect enough space to build up your house, and there shall be nothing impeding your tranquility. In a city, you can even expect roads just in front of your house, which is enough to blow up your peace by the virtue of the heavy noise of its traffic. None of this happens when you dwell in a countryside.

Privacy is essential to provide human mind a sense of tranquility. It is also important to allow the mind some time to heal from the damages caused due to stress.


5. Safety

Let’s be honest. How much can you rely upon the safety conditions of the city where you are currently living in? On a scale of 10, where do you think you can rank a city life’s safety conditions? We all inevitably accept the fact that the rate of crimes are much lower in a countryside, and hence, safety measures are much more appropriate in such areas. One would automatically feel relieved knowing that they live in a place where crime reporting is sparse. This gives the mind a sense of security and peace, which will clear away unwanted stress.


6. Closer to the nature

Although not everyone is a nature-loving person, but even the most materialistic person would feel relaxed in a natural environment that is covered with greenery, smells green, and sounds chirpy. The least rustic person would also support the idea of taking a break in a countryside, isn’t it so? Research has revealed that such natural and green surroundings provide relaxation and peace to human mind, which is quite essential to boost human health.

Ask yourself, what would you prefer? The sudden “whoosh” sound of a vehicle passing by on the road, or the soft continuous sound of chirping of birds in the air?