10 Benefits of Drinking Beer

By Melisa Silver
10 Benefits of Drinking Beer

Beer forms a part of our daily drink as well as an important tradition. Many people have a really good taste for beer, and they well recognize the varying quality with the changing types.

On a sunny afternoon, you will certainly reach for some cold lagers. To your astonishment, this drink is being used since the medieval times. And guess what? They were cold-stored in a cave back then, where the drink continued to get fermented by yeasts. The older the beer gets, the better it tastes! However for cold mornings and nights, a stout or a hearty porter shall be enough to fill you up with warmth and enthusiasm.

Beers like those containing double IPA can make you an outstanding party beverage, as well as a casual drink for all times, despite of your surrounding temperature. Take ‘Pliny the Elder’ for instance. This beer that is brewed by brewers belonging to the Russian River contains a mesmerizing blend of citrus, hop and malt.

Most of us enjoy beer for the sake of fun, and seldom do we know or understand the health benefits it provides to our body. You might be wondering about those geriatric research works which claimed beer to be hazardous for the health of your heart. They all are true indeed. But it is time to dig up some new studies, since recent research has found that optimum amounts beer are actually health-friendly.

It is certain that after reading this article, you will have some really good points to drink beer. You will certainly now look into your drink with the thoughts of health and medical benefits roaming around the corners of your brain.