10 Benefits of Drinking Beer

Beer can take care of your bowels: Now that is adding a lot to the health benefits of beer, but it is true. Beer contains high… Melisa Silver - March 10, 2016
  1. Beer can take care of your bowels:

Now that is adding a lot to the health benefits of beer, but it is true. Beer contains high quantities of ‘soluble fiber’, and we all know well what fiber is used for in the body.

Fiber forms the indigestible part of any plant, and it is a pretty good nutrient for regulating bowel movements as well as for keeping up bowel health.

Fiber forms a really good source of healthy sugars in the body, and is responsible for rapid spikes of glucose in blood upon ingestion of this food. By the virtue of its high carb contents, you can totally rely upon fiber for keeping your appetite satisfied for long hours. Hence, it won’t be wrong to say that a pint of beer can prevent those unnecessary and uninvited pangs of hunger. Calorie conscious peeps! If you want to keep away from overeating, have a pint of beer regularly.

Fiber also clears away blood from intoxicants. Such intoxicants also include those which can induce abnormal growth in cells, leading to fatal ailments such as cancer. Hence, people who consume more of fiber usually tend to have a better health status as compared to those who seldom eat fiber.

Now that you know when you are drinking beer, you are actually cleansing your blood, keep in special consideration that you drink moderate amounts of this beverage, and not excessively.

  1. 43Beer can take care of your bones:

Now that benefit is certainly an unexpected one, however it is one hundred percent true, and has been proven by research also. Beer takes care of the good health of your bones, since it promotes bone density. Study authors from the Tufts University have observed a direct and a positive connection between beer consumption and improved density of hip bone. Hip is the most common bone after femur that tends to get fractured at an old age. If you do not ensure a strong skeletal system during your hay days, you are likely to go through multiple fractures at an elder age. The study claimed that elderly individuals who consumed more than two glasses of beer a day were benefited with an improved bone density, and a reduced risk of fractures.

The logic behind beer and good bone heath lies in its main active ingredient: the silicon.

However, more than two glasses of this beverage in a day has been linked to a poor bone health. Hence, make sure that you remain at the suggested scale of beer consumption for keeping up the integrity of your skeletal system.

  1. get-rid-of-dandruf-1Beer will keep away dandruff:

We are pretty sure that we are moving towards some really unusual facts, but it is not a myth. The ingredients of this beverage indicate that beer makes one of the best home remedies for treating dandruff. What you could not accomplish by the means of highly priced anti-dandruff shampoos, lotions, oils, creams and medications can actually be attained using beer. You can freely credit the high yeast content as well as the rich vitamin B portion of your drink for helping you in treating dandruff issues. Dandruff usually occurs in individuals who remain dehydrated, have certain skin allergies, live in air polluted areas, or use hard water to rinse their hair and body.

To make an effective remedy for dandruff out of beer, just make use of a bottle of this drink to rinse your hair.

You will certainly notice a dramatic reduction in the dandruff, and your hair will also be smooth and shiny from that time onward.

  1. 1212Beer won’t let cancer and flu roam around you:


Beer seems to be quite protective about your health. It won’t let your brain deteriorate, your heart get sick, your bones get broken, as well as your body get cancer-ridden. Thanks to the overwhelming anti-oxidant properties of this drink that kill certain cancer causing species in the body, cutting down upon the risks of getting the disease.

Of all the phenols and flavonoids in the drink, Xanthohumol is the most powerful one, and the one responsible to impart beer with anti-cancer boons. Research shows that regular consumption of moderate amounts of beer also keeps away the risk of breast cancer in women.

If barley is boiled, it will make one of the best remedies for fighting-off flu. This is what happens when you drink beer. Drinking warm beer makes an excellent treatment for flu. It also improves blood circulation, which will make your vessels less congested, and you can breathe better in that way.

mug-of-beer-on-bar-counterLast, but not the least…………….

Beer gives you fun within the limits of good health, don’t forget that. So now any time you are at a gathering and offered a pint of beer, you know that you are sipping good health every moment you raise your glass.