10 Benefits of Drinking Beer

  1. beerheart-1080x675Beer is heart-friendly:

Yes, you read it right. Antagonizing all the past researches, a new study has come up to say that your heart will be happy if you drink beer- but in adequate quantities only. We present to you a mind-boggling research-based study, which involved up to 200,000 participants. This study, which was conducted at Fondazion di Ricerca e Cura in Italy, revealed that there was a drastic 31 percent reduction in the risk of heart ailments in subjects who consumed a pint of beer on a daily basis.

Beer is protective about your heart, for it contains those powerful anti-oxidants called ‘phenols’. Phenols are known to be overly sensitive about the prevalence of free radical species in your body, and so, they tend to ride them away. The lesser is the amount of free radical species in your body, the happier your heart will be. Moreover, moderate amounts of consumption of this beverage promote the healthy fats, or say HDL in blood, and suppress LDL, or the bad cholesterol. So it won’t be wrong to say that beer maintains good cholesterol levels overall.

But if you exceed the amount of beer intake, you will certainly pose yourself to the risk of developing these life-long ailments. Hence, do take care that you do not cross the limits of beer consumption, where the health benefits may rather turn into a curse.