10 Things You Must Do Daily To Maintain Your Bowel Health

When it comes to fitness and well-being, the digestive system is what actually reflects your body’s health status, and the food you eat determines the future… Melisa Silver - February 23, 2016

When it comes to fitness and well-being, the digestive system is what actually reflects your body’s health status, and the food you eat determines the future of the system. So to maintain this integral function of your body properly, healthy eating habits must be formed. This thing is as important as health maintenance of other body organs like heart, kidneys, bones, lungs and skin. You do not need complex rules and regulations to maintain your bowel. Instead, the remedy comprises of few simple preventive measures to kick in your intestines. Check out the 10 easy steps to keep your bowel rosy-cheeked.


Fruits And Veggies

Nature has provided us with various fruits and veggies that comfort our taste buds, as well as our intestines. The mineral and vitamin components of these items are crucial for the overall health of a person. Fruits and vegetables contain “FIBER”, which is called ‘cleansing agent,’ since it collects and eliminates toxins and roughage from the digestive tract. The more fiber you eat, the cleaner are your insides. Eating fresh fruits, dry fruits and veggies keep us protected from many chronic ailments like cardiovascular diseases and some types of cancer.


High Fiber Diet

Eating a diet rich in fiber helps the food to keep moving in your bowel. Its beneficial effects include reduction of cholesterol levels, improvement of the digestive system, and prevention of constipation, which is called the ‘mother of all ailments.’ Fiber also keeps your stomach full for long hours, without adding to the calorie count. Eating 14 gm of fiber per day is recommended by experts. There are 2 types of fiber, one of them is soluble which mixes with water to absorb nutrients, whereas the other kind is non-soluble, which adds to the stool bulk.


Less In-Take of High-Fat Food

Consumption of greater amounts of fatty food slows down digestion and ignites constipation. A diet rich in fats is one big reason behind adult-onset diabetes, obesity and heart diseases. Experts recommend not to consume too much of diet rich in fats. However, fat in the form of poly and mono saturated is healthy and must constitute the necessary fatty portion of your meal.


Diet Rich in Protein

There are two sources of protein:

  • From Animals: that contains proteins along with minerals and saturated fats
  • From Plants: that contains mono and polyunsaturated fats but no cholesterol

Consume as much protein as you can, as it keeps the bowel in a healthy state.


Don’t Hold It in For Too Long

Make a habit of regularly discharging fecal matter, as it is extremely necessary to clean your insides from the toxic waste substances on a daily basis, or else they build up inside the tract and gain entry into the blood. As soon as you feel heavy and ready to expel, do not wait for the pressure to subside. Building up fecal matter for long releases toxins that have the potential to cause Intestinal Bowel Syndrome and diverticulosis (a condition in which diverticula are formed anywhere along the tract).


Hydration And Water Intake

Water in your digestive system helps fats and other substances to dissolve and aids the food in moving easily. Have plenty of water in a day and make it a necessary part of your meal. Water intake can also be in the form of fresh juices. Constipation is a sign that indicates that your bowel is less hydrated than required. Every individual must have at least 6 to 8 glasses of water per day, and the requirement increases in direct relation to a number of physical activities.


Proper Eating Time

Even though you are eating healthy, but if your timings are off-base, it won’t give you benefits anyway. Make a proper schedule for your meals. An important measure regarding eating schedule that you should always bear in mind is that, do not eat at least 2 hours before bedtime. Moreover, avoid the curse of “mid-night snacking” as much as possible. Once you feel you are done, stop eating. Forcing your stomach to stuff up extra food can cause heartburn. Keep fruits and healthy snacks for tea time or during hunger bangs instead of chips, carbonated water and junk food items.



In the pursuit of keeping up your colonic healthy, exercise forms a huge part of the equation. Exercise can increase blood circulation to the whole of your digestive system.

Yoga, stretching exercises, and cardio workout on a daily basis for 15-30 minutes a day is more than enough and sufficient to boost the health of your digestive system. Opt for stairs instead of an elevator, and perform a power walk during lunch and coffee break, since these measures also add much to the health of your bowel.


Learn To Manage Stress

Too much stress or anxiety can cause your digestive system to go into an overdrive state. Stress has a direct effect on digestive health. Build time for relaxation into your daily routine.

Stress casts several negative impacts on the health of the digestive system. It disturbs the speed of food passage, which is exhibited by symptoms such as constipation and diarrhea. Nervousness leads to diarrhea. Stress can increase the acidity of the stomach and is one of the leading causes of peptic ulcer, as it stimulates overproduction of gastric acid, which can worsen the condition in those having a positive history of stomach ulcers.

Chronic cases of tension and mental stress either produce a reduced appetite (causing unnecessary weight loss and weakness) or overeating (causing weight gain and obesity).


Understand The Need of Your Body

Try to figure out the needs of your body. You should well determine your hunger times, and the kind of food your body is demanding at a particular moment. For example, after an exercise, your body goes into starvation, and that is the time you need to feed yourselves carbs to overcome the calorie loss in a healthy manner.

Last but not the least, think about wellness, and not the disease.