18 Most Effective Birth Control Methods

17. Male sterilization

This is a surgical procedure is more commonly referred to as a vasectomy. The process is quite simple and involves blocking or cutting a tube in the penis called the vas deferens. This tube transports the sperm from the testicles to the end of the penis.

By blocking this channel, the semen cannot make it to the egg, and therefore no fertilization will occur. This procedure is most useful for couples who only have one partner and is generally opted for over female sterilization.

Female sterilization is much more invasive than a vasectomy, and the chances for complications are much higher. If a couple wanted to avoid unwanted pregnancies, this could serve as a very effective contraceptive method.

This procedure is not permanent. There is an option of having it reversed if the time came to conceive a child. A man getting a vasectomy should generally not have plans to reverse it in the future, but the option is open if necessary. Provided the couple are only having an intercourse with each other, this method is generally incredibly effective.