18 Must-Follow Freezer and Meal Prep Rules

Know how to package things

Okay, the whole meal prep thing may have been a bit pre-emptive. We are not necessarily ready to start cutting and chopping. You may have loaded up with containers and supplies. But, do you know how to use them? Are you about to throw a slice of pizza in a box and turn it into the ice tray? If you were about to do that, then it might be a good idea to read the next part very carefully. The freezer can be quite a treacherous place so beware…

Lets for a moment think about the freezer itself. It’s cold in, there right? Like, cold. Yes, this is stating the obvious but think about that stunning pot of food you just made. Do you think that it would survive in the arctic without the proper protection? That fantastic steak you just bought, imagine how awful it would be if it was riddled with freezer burn. You need to have a careful look at your supplies and make sure that they are freezer friendly. Secondly, food should be wrapped up in wrapping before being put in a container. You need to ensure that there is no place for too much air to circulate around your food.