20 Easy Exercises to Help Reduce Stress

Yoga is an excellent stress-relief exercise that involves a series of moving and stationary poses. Shutterstock

19. Not only is yoga an easy exercise to practice at home, but it also enhances our mental focus, which is key to managing stress. 

People often think of yoga as the gold standard in exercising for stress or anxiety relief. It involves a combination of stationary postures with deep breathing. When stress consumes our body and mind, it loses its calm, and clouds of chaos hover. Yoga helps to clean up the fog so that clear thinking can come into play, reducing stress. Yoga postures are a form of strength training that offers various benefits in a multitude of ways. For instance, it helps make you more resilient and flexible, leading to relieving physical tension. The deep breathing techniques allow you to trigger your body’s natural relaxation response.

Studies have shown that yoga exercises have reduced blood pressure. However, one of the most considerable health benefits of practicing yoga is mental focus, which is the key to stress management. Yoga poses are proven to test your strength and increase your concentration rather than dwelling on analyzing, worrying, or planning about the future. Doctors recommend you perform yoga once daily for anywhere between 15 to 30 minutes. Some of the more common yoga postures that decrease stress include the easy pose with forwarding bend (sukhasana), rabbit pose (sasangasana), and the wide-legged standing forward bend (prasarita padottanasana). Yoga is a destressing exercise that can be utilized by all ages and of all fitness levels.