30 Foods People Have Been Eating the Wrong Way This Whole Time

By Simi
30 Foods People Have Been Eating the Wrong Way This Whole Time

It may be time to look at some foods that are probably staples in your diet to find out whether you’ve been storing, cutting, cooking or eating them the wrong way. Fruit is a healthy, delicious snack you should eat more of, but sometimes you may prepare or even eat it incorrectly, wasting its juicy goodness. Some of these hacks may make your favorite foods easier to eat. And, they may even maximize your intake of all their healthy nutrients.

After reading this, you will think twice about the way you cook and eat your vegetables. Many factors impact the nutrients you get from them, including ripening, cooking and food pairing. Raw is not necessarily always best, and you may be throwing away some of the most nutritious parts, too.

Also, many people have room to improve when it comes to the way they store, cook and eat proteins. So read on to find out about some of the common mistakes people make in the way they prepare and consume fruit, veggies, dairy products and meats.

30. Apples

When you eat an apple the way most people do, you lose quite a bit of the fruit. Most people eat an apple from the sides inwards and then discard the core. But it’s a myth that the core is inedible. You can eat the entire apple, including the seeds, and it is all right for you. Eat it from bottom to top or top to bottom, and you will find that you hardly notice the core. You can also try slicing an apple from top to bottom instead of side to side for snacking and cooking.

When you hit the seeds, you can spit them out or eat them. It may seem unnatural to eat an apple this way at first because you’ve probably spent your entire life eating apples from the sides inwards. Just make sure you wash the bottom and top of the apple carefully before eating it because these spots tend to get missed when trying to wash off pesticides.