30 Foods People Have Been Eating the Wrong Way This Whole Time

29. Bananas

Eating a banana is quite a simple, right? Just select one, peel it and gobble it up. However, you may be surprised to know there’s a more efficient way to peel a banana. When you try to peel a banana from the stem, you usually end up squashing the banana or snapping the stem. There’s always a banana with an unyielding stem, so this is when an alternative method works better.

Bananas grow from the stem upwards on the tree. So the best way to peel it is by pinching the tip, which most people call the bottom, just like monkeys do. Ignore the stem and focus on the opposite end. Pinch the tip between your forefinger and thumb and see how the skin splits cleanly, making peeling it as easy as pie. Doing it this way also means you can discard the black stem at the tip from when the banana was a flower.