Nutrition Mistakes People Don’t Realize They’re Making

By Simi
Nutrition Mistakes People Don’t Realize They’re Making

The world of nutrition is a complicated one. Just when you think that you have it figured out, new research emerges. All of a sudden, you need to adjust your diet again. It’s as if dieticians and scientists are deliberately trying to confuse laymen out there. To a large degree, they’ve done a pretty good job in keeping people out of the loop concerning what is healthy and what not. Not too long ago, you had to stay away from full-cream dairy products or risk heart disease. Nowadays, the shelves are packed with double-cream goodies and the rules have changed once again.

Now, you should stay away from low-fat products and stick to higher fat content. However, keeping you guessing what’s actually healthy isn’t the only way the average guy is duped into a certain diet. There are other blatant lies you are fed to keep you in the dark. The main reason behind all the smoke and mirrors is, of course, money. The nutrition world is a wealthy one, and there is plenty of money to be made. Here are some of the most blatant lies you can ignore.

1. Saturated fat is bad for your health

Not too long ago, the black sheep of the nutritional world were saturated fats. They were seen as the main culprit for their role in heart disease. For nearly fifty years, we were led to believe in the so-called gold standard of scientific research. Recently, the low-fat-diet craze was blown out of the water. Turns out, cutting out saturated fats doesn’t really do a thing to decrease the risk of heart disease. On the contrary, the new research has revealed that saturated fats are actually quite critical to your diet.

The truth was literally sugar-coated, and the real culprit for increasing coronary heart disease was downplayed. Saturated fats got a bum wrap for diseases, and were replaced by hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils in the West. In small amounts, these oils are actually not that bad for you, but they contain large amounts of omega-6 fats. That could lead to an omega-6 / omega-3 imbalance. What you end up with is chronic inflammation and a host of other nasty conditions. New research has shown that coconut oil and ghee are some of the healthiest oils around