30 Signs To Replace One’s Doctor

By Trista
30 Signs To Replace One’s Doctor

Just because you’ve been seeing the same doctor for years doesn’t mean that it isn’t time for a change. Even if you just signed up for a new doctor and only had a new patient visit, you have the freedom to go elsewhere if you desire.

There are several reasons you might need a new physician, or simply want to get rid of the one you have. This rule doesn’t just apply to your family doctor, either. Perhaps it is time for a new optometrist, dentist, therapist, chiropractor, or specialist. Read on to learn some reasons why you may need to fire your doctor and find a different one.


1. You Feel In The Dark

Do you feel like your doctor is keeping information from you, such as why he or she recommends a particular treatment or why a specific test was ordered? Does he or she use a lot of medical jargon instead of everyday words, and you can’t make sense of what he or she is saying?

Just because your doctor says something that makes sense in a medical school textbook doesn’t mean that you can understand the information. If you feel like your doctor is keeping you in the dark, it may be time to find a doctor who is more open and transparent with you.