30 Summer Foods that are Not Good for the Health

Funnel Cake

There are three things that Americans love when it comes to food. They love to fry things. They love sweet things and they love things smothered in cheese. Not a single one of these is good for your health, by any means. But here, we are going to talk about the sugar portion of things as well as the whole deep-fried culture. Take your average sponge cake. A slice at a birthday party is not going to utterly destroy your life, but you have to consider what goes into making a cake.

A short list of ingredients would include white cake flour which a highly processed and therefore contains a shocking number of calories, large amounts of sugar and either copious amounts of butter or margarine, both saturated fats that your heart will not thank you for. All of this is unhealthy enough without having to deep fry it. Once the thing has been immersed in hot oil, the cake acts like a sponge. It sucks up the oil and holds onto it. If you were to eat an average plate size of funnel cake, you will be consuming upwards of 750 calories in one go. If you were limiting yourself to about 2000 calories, then that is almost half your food for the day right there.