40 Foods that Help Improve Mental Health

By Trista
40 Foods that Help Improve Mental Health

It can be difficult for people to come to terms with having a problem with their mental health. Depression, anxiety, and other disorders are on the rise. More and more people are turning to pills to help with their problems, and although they can be helpful, specific changes to one’s diet can also help.

This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t listen to your doctor and not take any medications you’ve been described. But certain foods have been shown to help improve mental health. If you’re not on a strict dietary regimen, it won’t hurt to add more of these foods to your daily diet.


Credit: https://pixabay.com

1. Just Dried Grapes

Raisins are much easier to snack on, as you can carry a box of them around in your purse. What makes them so great for mental health is that they’re rich with the element boron.

Boron has been shown to improve attention and memory by as much as 10%, so it wouldn’t hurt to keep these in your home as a snack. Or you can start adding them to your other foods, such as yogurt or cookies. Raisins are also helpful with keeping your blood pressure down, so that’s a bonus.