6 Signs of Depression

Human psychology forms an important part of medical science. Today, it is emerging as an advanced field of medicine, where many psychological ailments and conditions are… Melisa Silver - January 13, 2016

Human psychology forms an important part of medical science. Today, it is emerging as an advanced field of medicine, where many psychological ailments and conditions are being widely accepted and being efficiently treated.

Life these days is too fast. It moves on without any herald, giving no space to the ones who cannot cope up. Today competition prevails in everything. To prove our capabilities and worth, we make every bit of effort and utilize most of our time in earning fame and money. Hence, we see that in this great run, there remains no room for human emotions.

Emotions are stepped upon in the pursuit of moving forward. The feelings of ecstasy and sorrow are hidden within the folds of struggle, turning a human into a living robot.

Neglecting human sensations mostly leads to a condition called ‘depression‘, which is relatively common worldwide. When a person is not allowed to express their feelings, and all they have to do is to build up a castle of emotions inside their heads without any passage for outflow, depression thrives. Sometimes depression is genetic, or it occurs without any apparent cause.

There are six significant signs of depression about which one must be completely aware of. Let’s find out more about it in the following content.

Loss Of Appetite


If any emotion develops excessively, appetite suppresses eventually. During immense happiness, one does not desire to eat. A similar thing happens when a person is sad. However, appetite loss due to ecstasy is short-term, and that owing to depression is quite long. Hence, if you or anyone around you has started skipping their meals, has reduced their meal size, prefers other activities over-eating, or have stopped enjoying meals, it might be an indication of depression. All you need to do is to stop at that very moment of realization and figure out the actual cause of appetite loss.

Quick Temper


Most of us have a temper that is rather short-lived. It is quite normal to get angry over small things too quickly, and then to realize it later on. However, if this habit persists for a long time and happens too frequently, so much so that your relationship with the people in your surroundings is being influenced badly, stop and think if it is depression. Sit in silence and try to figure out the matter that is annoying you day and night. Try a bit and you might get the reason behind your boiling temper.

Easy Fatigue

Young woman sleeping at workplace, her fingers touching keyboard

Depression also manifests itself in the form of tiredness. A depressed person tends to remain tired and sleepy all day long, and this is why such people avoid participating in activities that require even teensy exertion. Easy fatigue is a common sign of many ailments and is also frequently found in depressed people.



Being in a state of anxiousness all or most of the time is not a normal thing. In some cases, anxiety is preceded by no actual cause. However, this condition forms an important part of depression. Even the smallest of troubles might make a depressed person anxious. Waking up in the morning and going to work may seem like a risky task to someone experiencing anxiety. The beep of a mobile phone or an unexpected call from a loved one may provoke undesirable thoughts in the mind of an anxious and depressed individual.

Feelings Of Guilt and Suicide


It is rather an alarming sign of depression. Depressed entities tend to blame themselves for everything that goes wrong. They feel guilty about their shortcomings, and may even punish themselves for it. They stop valuing their lives and assume that they are worthless and good for nothing. Such unwanted sensations can lead a depressed person towards the path of suicidal tendencies. Suicidal tendency frequently occurs in depression. Anyone experiencing it must be taken special care of and must never be left alone. According to some research, in most cases of suicide due to depression, the victim at some point has mentioned their feelings to end up their life in one way or another. It is hence the duty of their loved ones to keep a watch upon them.

Loss Of Interest


It is the most common cardinal, as well as a diagnostic sign of depression. People with a depressed mind complain about their reduced interest in activities that they once used to enjoy. Calling off from work and making excuses to prevent social interactions are some manifestations of this psychological ailment.

You chose a hobby for yourself that you love, and then all of a sudden you develop a sensation to flee away from that task. If such feelings prevail for long, it might be a sign that your mind is getting depressed.



The above-mentioned symptoms are important, yet quite a few signs of depression. Every person is different regarding human nature, and so, their manifestations of an underlying psychological disturbance are different. Some individuals do not exhibit any symptoms at all until the condition reaches its major stage. In many cases, symptoms are physical rather than mind-related. Physical symptoms of depression may include weight loss, irregular heartbeat, frequent back ache and stomach ache for no apparent reason, and tremors.

Depression is a seed that grows its roots deep in a person’s mind if allowed to stay there. Fortunately, it is easily treatable. It just requires some observation to be noticed and identified.

“That’s the thing about depression: A human being can survive almost anything, as long as she sees the end in sight. But depression is so insidious, and it compounds daily, that it’s impossible to ever see the end.”
Elizabeth Wurtzel, Prozac Nation