15 Physical Symptoms of Depression That You Need to Know

By Simi
15 Physical Symptoms of Depression That You Need to Know

You can actually feel depression in your body. Trying to understand your feelings can be really difficult. It can also be very confusing. Most of the time you know that you’re feeling something, but you might not know exactly what it is. Experts have studied feelings and emotions at length and they offer some interesting tips. The most interesting thing to come out of their research is that you can actually understand your feelings if you take the time to feel out your bodily sensations.

They have found a connection between our emotions and our body. This means that we feel our feelings in the bodies. Each emotion creates body sensations, so you can actually feel your feelings physically. If you are able to tune into your bodily sensations, you have been able to make the first step forward towards identifying your feelings.

Having a “butterfly in my tummy” is a well-known idiomatic phrase and we all know what it means. Have you ever felt that feeling? It is most probably connected to fear or anxiety. Have you ever felt a butterfly or knot in your tummy and only then realized that you were frightened for an exam or even a meeting with someone you fancied. How about a splitting tension headache, ever felt the sensation of having a red band on your forehead? Did you realize that sometimes this is connected to anger?

Now we have made the connection with feeling emotions in our body, let’s look at depression. How do you feel physically when you are depressed? Depression is actually a state of the absence of emotions, especially emotions like grief, fear, anger, and shame. Depression happens when those emotions become too much to deal with and become unbearably painful and out of control. Rather than letting these painful emotions cause havoc in our lives, we sink down into depression. What is less known is that we can also identify depression by identifying our bodily symptoms. Here are 15 physical symptoms that can help you to identify depression.

1. Lightheadedness- Feeling weird and off balance

Many people with depression live with chronic pain or other physical symptoms. Often people go for batteries of tests without getting any kind of results. You might realize that you have depression only after you realize that you have some kind of bodily symptoms. There are a wide variety of symptoms so you might not recognize them straight away. One that you might not ever have imagined being linked to depression is a feeling of being light headed and dizzy.

People who have had this, testify that it can go on for days, months or even years relentlessly. This worrying physical symptom often has no physical condition that can be found with a test. You can have a sensation of feeling light-headed, dizzy or have a worrying sense of vertigo. It can get so bad that you have to take time off from work. The more this symptom continues the more it can cause anxiety, worsening the sense of depression.

Some people have tried changing jobs or tried working from home, hoping that staying in a more protected environment will ease the feeling. People suffering from light-headedness with no visible medical condition have been treated with light antidepressants and some have also undergone cognitive therapy with good results.

Some people have testified that rather than staying indoors or in bed, actually going out and walking, in cool air and especially in nature, has helped them. So before you do anything radical like leaving your job or detaching yourself from your life to remain indoors, ask your doctor for help or for a referral. The important thing is not to let the symptoms overwhelm you and to seek help. You can lead a normal life.