15 Physical Symptoms of Depression That You Need to Know

2. Weight Gain – A fairly common symptom

Depression is twice as common in women as it is in men. For women who are continuously faced with images of thin women in the media, weight gain is especially difficult to deal with. Women who experience depression might also begin to increase their general food intake. Carbohydrates can be first on the list for people searching for a comfort food. As women gain weight they also begin to feel increasingly guilty and remorseful. When seeing their body shape changing, almost unwittingly, their sense of helplessness increases. To subdue these emotions they turn to food thus completing the cycle of weight gain.

Weight gain also seems to be fairly common for women when they get to menopause. What is often not clear is that it can cause a vicious circle. The change in hormones can lead to depression and the depression can affect the hormones that regulate the appetite. This makes you want to eat more than you usually do.

Studies report that depressed people are at significantly higher risk of developing obesity than people without depression. Among depressed people, for adolescent females, there is a particularly high risk for later obesity. These findings resulted from reviewing data from 16 studies. Weight gain can lead to a host of other physical symptoms many of which can further compound the depression.

Whether it’s a primary cause or secondary, depression could be the culprit. If you suddenly experience a relatively sudden change in weight, tell your doctor about your physical symptoms. Don’t assume that they will go away on their own.